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Redmi Note 7 Pro in 2020 | Still worth it in 2020

Redmi Note 7 Pro in 2020 | Still worth it in 2020

Hey whatsup guys its Kaustub here back withanother video and In this video as per the title we will be taking a look at the RedmiNote 7 Pro in 2020 now that it has been a year since it has been launched also as perthe drill guys make sure you hit that red subscribe button down below and also turnthe notifications on so that you don’t miss any of my upcoming videos and with that beingsaid let’s role the Intro and get the video started.

Firstly talking about the build quality ithas the modern glass sandwich design so it feels pretty premium to hold in the handsthat means we get glass both back and front and the variant which I have now is whiteone and it looks pretty minimal in my opinon also on the front we have the 6.3 inch IPSlcd panel which is a Full HD LCD panel not a amoled panel at this price point this iswhat

we get also the colours look pretty accurate enough I would not say the best but it getsthe job done it does get bright enough if you use it in direct suny conditions as wellas on the top we have a small tear drop selfie camera which is a 32 mp shooter and it alsoshoots pretty crisp selfies as well. On the back we have a dual camera setup guysand here as we can see the main shooter is 48mp camera and

has the sony IMX586 sensorthis camera was the most hyped camera of 2019 when it launched below it we have 5mp depthsensor for portrait shots and talking about the quality but by default it shoots at 12mpresolution only which is also crisp enough and if yu want to click it with full resolutionthat is 48 mp you can switch to that mode and click it and get a lot of details as wellalso her are some camera samples that I clicked with the RN7 proPowering the whole redmi note 7 pro on the inside is the Snapdragon 675 chipset

and thevariant which I have right now is the 6gb ram coupled with 128 gb storage so the performanceis pretty good enough for the price and the phone feels quite smooth and snappy also Ihave installed Nova Launcher because I just don’t like the Stock MIUI launcher as ithas a lot of bloatware apps that yu cant remove as well as it displays ads every now and thenthroughout the UI .The 6gb ram also helps a lot in keeping a lot apps in the memoryso that’s great too .Talking about hardware buttons On the Left side

we just have thehybrid sim card tray and onto the right we have the Volume and power buttons The Redmi Note series have never shied awayfrom offering a long battery life. But for the past few years, Redmi has cappedthe battery capacity to 4,000mAh. Combined with a glass body, the battery doesadd to the weight of the device, but it also offers more than a day’s worth of charge. Xiaomi even offers support for Quick Charge4.0 in the Redmi Note 7 Pro. Using a QC4.0 certified charger, you can fastcharge the phone with 18W charging.

Tragically, however, the Redmi Note 7 Proonly comes with a 10W fast charger that tops up the phone in around two hours. Coming to software now currently its runningon MIUI 11 based upon android 9 pie but its not the best stock skin which I would preferrather I would just flash a custom rom onto it and make the most out of it also THE Redminote 7 pro has a strong development community it has a lot of great custom rom support tooso overall now that the device is

almost 1and half years old and still it is on sale onFlipkart I would recommend you this device at this price point if you are on a tightbudget and also has great custom rom development too also thanks to my mom its her daily driverphone and not mine.

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