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Redmi Note 9 VS Xiaomi Mi A3 | Comparative

Redmi Note 9 VS Xiaomi Mi A3 | Comparative

Hello everyone, welcome to a new videothis time we will face Redmi Note 9 VS the Xiaomi MI A3So let’s start DESIGNBefore continuing with the video I remind you that we are drawing a redmi note 9 pro,a redmi note 9 and a Xiaomi mi note 10, yes you want to know the steps to follow click iton the card at the top right that is appearing on your screen, nowif we continue … The Redmi Note 9 gives up the glass to betfor the plastic on the back and a Gorilla glass 5 protection on the front. However, it seems to have been right with thecolor palette and specifically unity in gray it is quite striking in ouropinion.

Also featured is the camera modulewhich can convince more or less on an aesthetic level, but it is quite different from what we areaccustomed by Xiaomi. At the bottom we have the usb porttype c, microphone and jack port 3.5 millimeters, at the top isthe infrared port and a microphone to Noise Cancellation. The main penalty comes at the level ofdimensions. Exceeds 16 centimeters tall and brushesthe 200 grams, measures that make the ends something complicated to use with one handinitially but it’s also not extremely uncomfortable, you will already value it when playingor watch a video, out of the above the holding it in hand gives good devicesensations, it is somewhat heavier than normal, but so little so traumatic.

This cell phone has reduced frames inall its sides, except at the bottom which is bigger, it has a hole in theupper left corner where you will be the front camera, an arrangement that we havepreviously seen with Honor terminals but that in turn changes in a certain positive wayif we compare it to the traditional central notch, or well I consider that. Another important aspect to consideris that this cell phone is splash resistant of water, but don’t even think about submerging it,since it doesn’t have this ability and you could spoil it.

It has a fingerprint reader on the back,just below the rear cameras, despite keep a certain distance from its location withthe same with which you can hardly get dirty when trying to unlock the device,something that I usually criticize when It is located near the sensors. In its dimensions we will find 162.3x 77.2 x 8.9 mm thick and weighing 199 grams. The design of the Xiaomi Mi A3 is very good,probably one of the reasons why that in the end you end up enjoying the terminal.

We have a body protected by Gorilla Glass5, P2i splash resistant, with edges aluminum and rounded corners. As usual in mobile phonesglass, the terminal is somewhat slippery, although it is not a problem. Hand grip is good enough. But we have the same problem with terminalsof this material and it ends with marks of footprints everywhere.

This device has a front characterizedby a small drop notch in the part top of screen, sharp cornersrounded and frames that although they could be finer, they are not scandalousthick. In the lower frame we have the speakersand USB Type-C port, which will save us time load and speed when transferring ourfiles to the computer or vice versa. In the upper frame we find the microphoneand the 3.5mm Jack port so that plug in your headphones and listen to your musicfavorite. And to finish we have to have afingerprint sensor found under the AMOLED screen and according to the companyhas been updated to expand the area and detect up to 7.2 µm pixels.

When we add the footprint we already see that thearea is slightly wider, making it easier make no mistake but the detection speedit’s still pretty slow something I think they may improve in the future. In its dimensions we find 153.5x 71.9 x 8.5 mm thick and weighing 174 grams. PROCESSORFor the Redmi Note 9 we will have the processor MediaTek Helio G85 octa-core running at 2GHz,and it is this aspect that we must take very into has this terminal, although this companyhas generally used processors of Qualcomm, this time they vary a little,I imagine in order to reduce costs, something that directly influences the redeemingOf the device.

The Redmi Note 9 is valid for the day today with everyday applications that do not require many terminal resources, but it is quiteeasy to bring up the lag and little jerks on basic tasks likeswitch between apps, keep something more than 7 or 8 of them in multitaskingor play some heavy game. Although this does not mean that I will notwork, only it will not with the best graphics how are you seeing on your screen,and with the presence of lag from time to time, another thing that we should highlight is that afterfrom playing more than 30 minutes either in free fire, mobile pubg, or even asphal9 the device ends up warming up considerably, but if you are a person who plays but notfor a long time this terminal can be useful since that was the most inconvenientimportant that I found in when to processor.

The Mi A3 incorporates the Snapdragon processorQualcomm 665, which is manufactured in 11 nanometers incorporating eight coresat 2 and 1.8GHz. For the GPU we have the Adreno 610, whilethan for artificial intelligence processing Hexagon 686 DSP is added. Overall I have not encountered any problemsperformance when using applications frequent like WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter,Facebook, Google Maps or Google Chrome although sometimes it jams a little. For example, when taking pictures,the photo is not always captured when pressing on the fire button but there may bea good delay.

And it has even been developed with ease ingames like PUBG Mobil. Also, the Mi A3 does a good job attime to dissipate heat and it doesn’t heat up Too much even if we put him through demanding tasks. BATTERY OF BOTHIn terms of battery the Redmi Note 9 has with a capacity of 5,020 mAh the same asof the redmi note 9 pro, in its specifications it is stipulated that it presents fast loading of18w, which for me is not like this, since their charging times are more normalthan you might expect.

In our active screen test, we were able toappreciate that this terminal gives autonomy 11 hours, in which the terminal wasplaying videos without and with the brightness to the maximum. If you are going to use the device with aI use something heavier the terminal obviously it will last you less time for the consumption of resources,but if you do it conservatively, only seeing social networks and what is necessaryfor your day to day the terminal easily can last 2 days without needconnecting to an outlet, one of the great qualities that stand out from thisdevice about your range competition and that left us pleasantly surprised,that equals the autonomy of his older brother the Redmi note 9 pro.

The Xiaomi Mi A3 battery has a capacity4,030 mAh, an amount that should be more than enough for its 6.01 ″ screen. The truth is that we are indeed beforea mobile with a very good autonomy, achieving perfectly endure a day and evenseveral days if we make moderate use. The autonomy of the Mi A3 has allowed us to achieveabout 14 hours of active use, with just over 7 hours of screen on. This is with automatic brightness, bluetoothoccasional, surf the internet, listen music, watch videos and play a little.

This device has fast charge18W, although the company has not included such a charger in the box but oneonly 10W. The terminal is fully charged in 1 hourand 53 minutes with the included charger in its box. SCREENThe Redmi Note 9 has an IPS LCD panel of 6.5 inches with a FULL HD + resolution1080 x 2340 and a density of 398 Pixels. Added to a gorilla glass 5 protection thatgives you an additional plus. The interpretation of color is correct (andhighly customizable from settings), the sharpness is enough and viewing anglescomply.

The brightness, however, is its weakest point,with just 450 nits. In sunlight conditions with full incidencewe found the odd problem for see the panel well, for obvious reasonsThis does not provide great benefits, but in general terms manages to meet its objective,gives you good images, but they are not top. Rather, normalito. The frontal use is 83.5%, finding usespecially with a somewhat pronounced lower frame.

This terminal has a hole for yourfront photo sensor in the corner upper left, although it seems to menice if compared to the central notch Of course, I have read on other sites thatThey don’t like it very much, but for tastes they are the colors and an approval is taken from me. The Xiaomi Mi A3 has an AMOLED panel6.01 ″ with HD + resolution (1560 x 720 pixels) and elongated aspect of (19.5: 9),which results in a pixel density 282 dpi. This is a poor resolution for thisscreen size, even more considering note that it is an AMOLED panel and,therefore, it has a PenTile type matrix.

But its operation is not the best, it issay if we put the Mi A3 next to any mobile with FullHD plus screen, the differenceit is appreciable to anyone. In the Mi A3 the letters are more blurred,like when a photo doesn’t end well focused. When reading, it is noticeably appreciatedand in general it gives a strange feeling, like that something strange happens to the screen. But nevertheless, with the passing of the daysyou may end up getting used to this problem.

CAMERAXiaomi this time has opted for a configuration of four rear camerasfor this Redmi Note 9. Specifically, we came across a main sensor48-megapixel with 1.8 focal length next to an 8 megapixel ultra wide anglefocal aperture 2.2. The other two sensors are a macro and anotherdepth sensor for better portrait mode, these sensors are 2 megapixelsand share 2.4 focal aperture. The images that we could get with thisdevice although in light conditions are acceptable, a step bybelow expectations.

Less demanding users will find themselvesbefore a versatile camera that offers photographs correct, although it is easy to see their pointsweak from the first moment. Overexposure is present in almostall the photographs and the detail is improvable taking into account the sensor it mounts. They are valid photographs for basic usefrom social networks and others, but Xiaomi usually be better even in cheap terminals,brightness that this Device lacks. Another disappointing thing is the night mode,since it does not sufficiently enhance the colors nor the lights and shadows, which is whyI don’t see a significant change when taking photos in this way to the traditional way in conditionslow light.

For your front sensor we have a camera13 megapixel front with focal aperture 2.3, a camera that takes normal photosas for your social networks, it also counts with a facial recognition system. It works quite fast, but at the level ofSecurity leaves several loose ends. Without going any further, the device confused mewith my brother and that we are not alike. In the Mi A3, the manufacturer has decided to implementa three sensor system. By the way becoming Xiaomi mobilemore economical to add triple camera.

We have a 48-megapixel main sensorwith an f / 1.79 aperture lens. Accompanied by an 8 megapixel wide anglewith f / 2.2 aperture and a third depth sensor 2-megapixel with 2.4 focal aperture forportrait mode. The rear cameras of the Mi A3 are atheight in most situations, about all in good lighting conditionswhere the main sensor gets photos of great level, both in the vividness of the colorsas in the offered detail. Although, we have noticed that the best photosthey are achieved with HDR mode activated. Otherwise, the camera of the Mi A3 remainssomewhat short and makes paler photos.

If we go to night photography ondetail takes a step back like It is logical, but the Mi A3 gets resultsvery decent considering their range of price. The tones are quite consistent with the projected lightand the level of information in the shadows It is quite high. The front camera sensor offers us32 megapixels and an f / 2.0 aperture lens. Selfies taken with the Mi A3 havegood level of detail and dynamic range It is good, although you can see manyimages with a slightly burnt background out of focus. And to finish we have that the devicehas facial recognition, despite unless it is the best on the market, it is presentand it works according to the price of the terminal. RAMFor the Redmi Note 9 we will come across two different versions, in one we will have 3 andon the other 4GB.

To highlight we have that in Colombia it is moreeasy to find your version of 3GB For the Xiaomi Mi A3 we will meetwith a single 4GB version, which in my opinion it would have been great if they implemented a6GB, but we will see in future versions. STORAGEOn the Redmi note 9 just like on your Ram we will have two unique versions of 64and 128GB, which can be further expanded with microSD cards up to 512GB. In the Xiaomi Mi A3 we will have 2 unique64 and 128GB versions, which can be expanded even more with microSD cards up to256GB.

DIFFERENCESThe Redmi Note 9 beats the Xiaomi Mi A3 in: Processor, battery, display, ram, and storageFor its part, the Xiaomi Mi A3 wins widely to the Redmi Note 9 in the following aspects Design, camera and priceWINNER!!! Although the Xiaomi mi a3 has goodconstruction materials and for which I leaned for this in design, its operationif it leaves a lot to be desired, since it has very elemental characteristics in whichgreatly lower the performance of this cell phone, highlighting only your camera,which is one of the most powerful in terminals of the same price rangeI hope you liked the video, remember subscribe activate notifications, giveI like it and share it so that you continue enjoying of more similar content. See you soon

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