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Redmi Note 9 was recently launched in India

Redmi Note 9 was recently launched in India

After launching the Note 9 Pro and Note 9 Pro Max in India earlier in the year, phone maker Redmi has now added to the series again by launching the Redmi Note 9 in the country. This latest smartphone from the company brings pretty much the same promise of aggressive price to performance ratio and refined design that looks premium for the price point.

Launched at a virtual event, the phone starts retail in India at a price of Rs 11,999 for the entry-

Redmi Note 9: Design and display
The design of Redmi Note 9 will remind one very much of its more expensive siblings, however, there are major differences here that set it apart from them. To begin with, the Redmi Note 9’s back panel is made of plastic instead of glass. This gives the phone a more lightweight profile than it’s siblings, but also makes it more of a smudge magnet, and appear far less premium than them.

The phone also doesn’t bring with itself a side-mounted fingerprint scanner and instead opts for a rear fingerprint scanner that’s a little easy to miss because of its positioning just below the square camera module at the upper end of the phone’s back. The scanner is round in shape, and to be honest easy to miss because of its proximity with the camera module that could get a number of accidental touches, and as a result smudges because of being so close to the fingerprint scanner. Talking about the quad-camera module, it looks very much like the one we’ve seen on the other Redmi Note 9 series phones earlier in the year.

The placement of the fingerprint scanner at the back has also afforded Redmi the chance to introduce a plastic unibody design, with the phone’s back panel merging seamlessly into the front of the phone where lies the device’s display.

This unibody design makes the phone quite ergonomic, and generally convenient enough for even single-handed usage, despite the fact that we have a quite a big display on show at the front of the phone. Talking about its panel, the Redmi Note 9 brings with itself a 6.53-inch LCD display that owing to the price point it’s being sold at gives fancy features such as high refresh rate and resolutions a miss. Instead, the display supports a standard FHD+ resolution which is protected by a sheet of Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

In terms of performance, this panel does the job quite well. Apart from the lack of support for fancy features, the display is quite good in general as it manages to produce punchy colours and get decently bright even under sunlight because of its support for up to 450 nits of peak brightness. The screen also brings good viewing angles, and texts, as well as videos and pictures, generally look quite crisp on it.

The display also houses a camera module on the front which is placed to the left and does a good job of not taking the user away from enjoying an immersive experience while watching videos, movies or playing games on the device. However, the panel is surrounded by a fair amount of bezels, which depending on your love for them, may or may not prove to be a deal broker of sorts.

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