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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – SD865+ and Slimmer Form Factor (2020)

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – SD865+ and Slimmer Form Factor (2020)

From the past few days, We have seen multipleleaks regarding the upcoming note 20 series. the latest leak suggests that the vanillaGalaxy Note 20 will feature a “flat screen” with full-HD+ resolution and 60Hz refreshrate. The development comes days after another tipsterindicated the color options for Galaxy Note 20 series.

Now we are not interested in the vanilla note20 coz lets be honest, its more of a lite variant then Full-fledged flagship. in 2020 nobody wants to see 60Hz panel ona flagship note handset and also Samsung is believed to be working on Galaxy Note 20 Lite,so it doesn’t make any sense, anyways the Galaxy Note 20 will be far less impressivethan the Note 20 Ultra in terms of specs.

So Let’s take a look at the specs of the note20 Ultra, the premium smartphone in the Note series. But Before we get into the specs let me clearsome things The galaxy note 20 ultras has appeared inBluetooth certification, which raised many questions as initial leaks pointed to only2 models note 20 and note 20+ being launched, there wasn’t gonna be note 20 ultra. so its believed that note 20 plus is actuallythe note 20 ultra.

We doubt that Samsung isn’t final on marketname But in the future, if something new comes to light i’ll definitely let you know. So now Let’s start with the designIce universe in this tweet mentioned the size of bezels and hole punch of note 20 ultraand compared it to Galaxy Note10+. according to which It will be a bit narrower,with smaller bezels and smaller punch hole for the single selfie camera.

Overall it’ll be more immersive than its predecessorgalaxy note 10+ which is one of the beautiful phone you can find right now. Size-wise, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra will be0.3 mm thinner, while the hole for the front-facing cam is reduced by 1mm in diameter. Bezels on the sides will be narrower thanthe Galaxy Note10+ by 0.29mm. The top and bottom bezels will also be trimmeddown by 0.4mm. The new phone will have a 120Hz display ofQHD+ resolution, and unlike the Galaxy S20 series, you will get the option to use bothat the same time.

The display itself will be LTPO OLED whichwill allow for better power efficiency. This means the battery won’t drain fast evenwhile using a 120Hz refresh rate, I’ll link an article which you can check out if youwant to know more about this LTPO panel.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra will likelyrun the overclocked version of the sd865. yes, it’ll be 865+. In the European and Asian markets we knowit will be Exynos processor but we are not sure which one will that be. Previous leaks hint at Exynos 992 with a 5nmprocess.

Let’s see how it goes. As for cameras tipster, IceUniverse mentionedon weibo the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ which we know believe to be Note 20 ultra will packa 108-megapixel ISOCELL Bright HM1 sensor, accompanied by a 13-megapixel ISOCELL sensorwith periscope lens and a 12-megapixel ISOCELL sensor with an ultra-wide lens.

It is also hinted that the periscope lenswill support 50x digital zoom instead of 100x Space Zoom as seen on Galaxy S20 Ultra andThe Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor will likely be replaced by a laser focus sensor, assistingthe main camera. Big batteries are also likely in the Note20 series. It might range between 4000mAh and 5000mAhcapacities So that’s it for note 20 ultramore on this will be coming soon, so stay tunedThank you for watching Peace out.

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