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Samsung Galaxy S21 – No AMD

Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup will have Exynos 1000 which is built on 5nm process

it seems we’re not going to see the AMD Radeon graphics on Exynos chips of Galaxy S21 nextyear. Samsung and AMD entered a multi-year partnershipin 2019 where Samsung would use AMD’s graphics technology and replace it with Mali GPU. A few months ago we even saw a leaked benchmarkof the AMD graphics for Exynos where it outperformed the latest Adreno GPU from Qualcomm by 300%.

While that sounds amazing but it seems Exynosusers might have to wait for another year to see AMD graphics on their phones. According to Ice Universe, Samsung will adoptRadeon graphics in 2022. For the Galaxy S21, they are going to useMali G78 GPU. The reason for this delay is unknown yet buton the positive side, Ice Universe says the gap between Exynos and Snapdragon will narrownext year probably due to Samsung using Cortex X1 cores in Exynos 100.

Samsung Galaxy S21 - No AMD

Though Ice says Exynos will still lose toSnapdragon next year because Qualcomm has also made significant improvements to thenext-gen Adreno graphics. Also, he says one of the biggest limitationsof Exynos will be addressed next year. They draw too much power on current-gen productsand as a result the battery life is inferior in Exynos chips compared to its counterpart.

The actual reason for Exynos to consume morepower is the custom mangoos cores, since Samsung has gotten rid of it, the battery life shouldimprove next year and Ice Universe just confirmed that. In any case, both the Exynos 1000 and Snapdragon875 will be built on the 5nm process and hence they are going to be really powerful whilealso being power efficient.

But don’t expect Exynos to beat Snapdragon,not anytime soon. Anyway, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will be the firstS series phone to have a built-in S Pen support. Apparently Samsung is thinking about mergingthe S and note line together which means we may not see Galaxy Note 21 next year. But do keep in mind that it hasn’t been finalizedyet, things could change. Samsung didn’t properly unveil the GalaxyZ Fold 2 at the unpacked event but said they will do it on September 1st, and today theyhave released this image teasing the event.

Interestingly if you watch it closely youcan see a pile of phones beneath the Z Fold 2, which could mean there may be other phoneannouncements at the event. Anyway, we also have the leaked price of theZ Fold 2 in Europe, Germany to be specific. Roland Quandt says the Z Fold 2 will be cheaperthan the original Fold.

The Galaxy Fold was launched at 2100 eurosin Germany but the Z Fold 2 will be 100 euros cheaper and will cost 1999 euros. This is amazing considering the Z Fold 2 hasso many improvements over the original Fold. Here’s hoping they keep a similar pricingstructure in the rest of the world. Let me your thoughts down in the commentsand as always I’ll see you tomorrow…peace out!

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