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Samsung – This Is DISHEARTENING To See

Samsung – This Is DISHEARTENING To See

So Samsung is the top smartphone brand inthe world, I mean was at the top until Huawei overtook them in the second quarter of thisyear, courtesy of the ongoing pandemic. But it seems the bad news for Samsung doesn’tseem to stop. We have a new report of the top 10 best sellingsmartphones in the first half of 2020 and we could say Samsung has almost disappearedfrom the list.

The research points out that iPhone 11 isby far the single most popular smartphone model in 2020 with 37.7 million units thisyear, which is 10.8 million more units than the iPhone XR achieved last year. Overall Apple has five iPhones in the list,all three of their flagships are in the top 10. Samsung still took the second spot with GalaxyA51 with 11.4 million units so far but that’s about it.

Samsung - This Is DISHEARTENING To See

No other Samsung phone made the top 10 list. In 2019 Samsung had 4 devices on the listand now they have only one. What’s more disheartening is none of Samsung’sflagships are on the list either. We heard Galaxy S20 devices weren’t doingwell with sales only be roughly half of what the Galaxy S10 sold at the same time whichis replicated here on the list. Obviously, there’s a big factor out of Samsung’scontrol in 2020. With the global pandemic hurting the economyof major markets, many people don’t want to spend more on a new device but then againit’s true for other smartphone makers as well.

The pandemic didn’t seem to affect the salesof Apple and Xiaomi, Apple has five devices in the list and Xiaomi has 4 in the top 10. It looks like Xiaomi has decided to replicateHuawei’s recipe. They grew 65% in Europe in quarter 2 of thisyear whereas Samsung and Huawei dropped considerably. The main reason for Samsung to not have moredevices on the list have to be the price.

Their flagships in particular were pricedridiculously this year, none of their top offerings come under $1000. That pretty sums up why we don’t have anyof their flagships here. Hopefully, these results will be reflectedin next year’s prices. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 has a really cool camerafeature called Autoframing. As shown by Samsung yesterday, their engineeringteam did a great job at adding this smart camera feature that attempts to get everyonein frame as much as possible.

The feature uses machine learning, so it’spowered by artificial intelligence. Also if you keep the phone in Flex Mode, theauto-framing can zoom in and zoom back out again and keep people in frame the whole time. Pretty cool. Since this is software-based, I hope theirother flagships including the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra also get this feature with a firmwareupdate.

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