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Galaxy A72 – Samsung’s FIRST Phone penta lens camera system

Galaxy A72 – Samsung’s FIRST Phone To Do This

So since flagships are getting really expensive these days, in particular, Samsung’s main flagships for 2020 cost over 13, $1400. And as a result, the market share of flagships have come down in the past year or so. Coupled with the state of the world right now, where the economy hasn’t recovered yet the global smartphone market has seen a shift where consumers are focusing on getting value for money smartphones.

Companies totally understand this and that why we see phones like Google Pixel 5 is being released at sub $700. Not only that a couple of days ago Samsungliterally surprised everyone with their newest S20 phone the Galaxy S20 FE that costs $599for the 4G and $699 for the 5G variant that has all the flagship features.

Galaxy A72 - Samsung's FIRST Phone To Do This

But Samsung isn’t done yet, they are working on the successors to their best selling midrange phones the Galaxy A51 and A71 and today we have new information about the Galaxy A72 that says it’s going to be the first Samsung phone to have more than 4 cameras. South Korean media reports that the GalaxyA72 will have 5 rear cameras.

A couple of years ago Samsung unveiled the world’s first quad-camera phone, the Galaxy A9 but the title of the world’s first phone to have 5 cameras that won’t go to the Galaxy A72 because Nokia already did it with the Nokia9. The Penta-camera setup will consist of a 64-megapixel main sensor, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens, an 8-megapixel telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom, a 5-megapixel macro module, and another 5-megapixel bokeh camera, it’s not the depth camera, bokeh camera.

Samsung Galaxy A72 will be the first Samsung smartphone to have a Penta lens camera system

What exactly is the difference between depth and bokeh camera, I don’t know but the report specifically stresses that it’s a bokeh camera and, not depth. Anyway, the image quality of the Galaxy A72should is on par with the S20 FEm plus those extra gimmicky camera lenses. I don’t understand why companies even put these macro and depth cameras in the first place when they can achieve the same with the main camera itself. In my opinion, a smartphone should only have4 cameras, a normal, wide, telephoto, and a periscope zoom camera.

Others are just gimmicky at this point. Even the upcoming OnePlus 8T has 4 cameras and 2 of them are macro and depth. So it’s about time companies scrap this nonsense. But that doesn’t mean the camera of the A72is going to be bad. Like I’ve said it’s going to be on par with the S20 FE which has a flagship-grade camera. Also, the Galaxy A72 will be the first A series phone to have optical image stabilization built-in. Only Samsung’s flagships have this feature for now.

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So this again would bring it on par with their latest Galaxy S and Note phones to some extent. Also, the Galaxy A72 will get three years of operating system updates like their flagships which is amazing for a midrange phone. It will also have wireless charging. Samsung will also launch the Galaxy A52 that will have 4 cameras and we don’t have the camera configuration yet but apparently, Samsung is so confident in these two handsets that it will produce 30 million units of these phones.

That’s 10% of their overall shipments for the year which is massive. The Galaxy A71 was launched at $599 with 5Gso I expect the pricing for the A72 to either remain the same or 50 bucks cheaper. It can’t be higher because you have an even better S20 FE sitting at 699. Anyway, the launch is expected to take place in January because the A71 and A51 were launched in the very same month. Let me know what do you think about this down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out

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