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Sony Xperia XZ2 in 2020 (Android 10)

Sony Xperia XZ2 in 2020 (Android 10)

Hey there, Alex here. So, I’ve reviewed the XZ2 Compact, and eventhe XZ2 Premium, but I’ve never talked about the regular XZ2. Since the Android 10 update is sort of outfor the phone, I thought it would be a great time to do that. Right off the bat, this is still such a goodlooking phone.

I’m not a fan of the other colours, andI still prefer the matte finishing on the XZ2 Compact, but I’m really liking thisLiquid Silver version here. The curved back makes it feel really goodin hand, but the fingerprint sensor is a little low for my liking. It makes it hard for me to use a popsocketon the phone. Talking about the fingerprint sensor, it wasworking well before I updated to Android 10.

But after the update, sometimes it just doesn’twork when the screen is off, and I’ll need to turn on the screen first. So it’s no surprise that Sony pulled theupdate shortly after. Anyway, even though it doesn’t have superthin bezels on the front of the phone, I don’t really mind it. When I’m using the phone, I’m just lookingat the screen anyway, and it’s a pretty good looking LCD panel.

Other than the blacks not looking as deepcompared to AMOLED screens, it has nice colours, and outdoor visibility is quite good. In terms of specs, I won’t go into details,but it’s pretty typical of a flagship phone from 2 years ago. I actually still think that it’s a prettynice phone to use overall. The phone performs well for everything I needfrom it, including playing some casual games. It is water and dust resistant as well, andeven though it doesn’t sound as good as newer phones, it still has stereo speakers.

Even for the small-ish 3,180 mAh battery,I was actually still able to get through a day of use with the phone, which is kindasurprising to me considering this is an older phone as well. I’m not going to spend too much time onthe camera performance since it’s pretty much the same as the XZ2 Compact. Basically, it’s just an okay camera. It performs well enough in most situations,but the image processing seems a bit aggressive when you look a little closer, and auto-HDRisn’t always that reliable.

I’m still able to capture some nice lookingshots on the phone, but it doesn’t really perform as well as newer phones these days. Anyway, I’ll have a link in the descriptionbelow with everything I took with the phone. So you can see for yourself whether the cameraperformance is good enough for your needs. Which brings us to software. Like I mentioned earlier, the Android 10 updatehas been pulled due to bugs.

For me, I did a factory reset after the update,so maybe that’s why I actually didn’t encounter as many issues as others are reporting. But just the fingerprint sensor not workingproperly is annoying enough that I wish I could go back to Android 9. Anyway, the software experience is prettymuch as expected from Sony. It’s relatively clean, and the performanceis good enough for the most part.

While so me of the software features likeBattery Care for example, is quite useful, I don’t really find other stuff like XperiaAssist to be as useful. Also despite being Android 10, there is stillno gestures navigation, probably because Sony’s launcher hasn’t been updated.

So for now, it’s definitely quite rougharound the edges, and hopefully this is something they will fix soon. Overall, the XZ2 is still a pretty nice phoneto use, and I think it has aged decently well. If you like Sony devices, and you can findone at a good price, it’s still a pretty good phone.

That said, mid range devices these days havegotten so good, and the XZ2 is probably not going to get anymore major updates after Android10, so my first recommendation would probably be to look at some of those options first. Thanks for watching this video. Thanks again, and see you guys on the next one.

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