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special event on OCT 12, iPhone 12 with new color

special event on OCT 12, iPhone 12 with new color ,Apple Rumors 2020 AUG first half

The time soon came to mid-August, and it was another half month to sort out rumors. The recent rumors have not been a hot spot, mostly around the autumn update season that has begun. And most of them are supplements of some details The main highlight comes from Jon Prosser’s forecast of the release time of several new products and enough talking, let’s start right away hey guys,

welcome to CTdiary The iPhone 12 has been leaked, and now the rumors only have some details to add On August 3, Apple Hub predicted the iPhone 12 color scheme change Like the previous model, the iPhone 12 has a pinkish color scheme Among them, black, white, red and purple remain unchanged, green and yellow are cancelled, and gold and blue are added It’s just that the authenticity of this picture remains to be seen, here you can make a reference The iPhone 12 will be released soon,

and there is consensus that it will be cheaper than the iPhone 11 If you still think it is expensive, you can wait In a report shared by business insider on August 11 Apple may release a cheaper 4G version of the iPhone 12 early next year and the next-generation iPhone SE is gonna be launch at the same time In view of the success of this year’s iPhone SE, the continued impact of the superimposed pandemic Apple expects to continue to launch follow-up models of low-end iPhone Earlier, Kuo Mingchi also predicted that next year’s iPhone SE will change Touch ID to the side power button. But for the time being,

it’s not yet certain whether the iPhone they are talking about is the same It is estimated that more information will be revealed after a while At the end of last month, someone has previewed the autumn event But Jon Prosser made another point on August 13 He said that the iPhone-based conference will be held on October 12 Two of the iPhone 12 will be pre-ordered on the same day And in a week later, that is, officially shipped on October 19 Two high-end iPhone 12 Pros need to wait until November But did not specify a specific date Although it is not stated clearly,

but judging from his prediction in the tweet There will only be one event this year According to the date, this year’s release will not include Apple Watch But there is a high probability that the Silicon chip Mac will be introduced at the same time South Korea’s regulators have recently become the spotlight for new Apple products In addition to the new iPhone and MacBook Someone recently discovered battery information for the next-generation Apple Watch According to the news,

the battery capacity is 303mAh Compared with the 296mAh of the previous generation series 5, it only increased a little However, we also know that the improvement of current digital products’ battery life also comes from the optimization of the chip to the battery. and since the series 6 models will also increase the blood oxygen track function Under the choice,

the tradition of “18 hours battery life” should not change Starting from the rumors of mini-LED, the rumors of MicroLED are almost synchronized It’s just that the former has been put on the agenda, but the latter seems to have no definite time yet However, after integrating recent industry chain reports, a vague timeline has been drawn, which is 2023. According to previous information, one of its important features includes power saving In other words,

Apple Watch may have to wait another three years to break the “18-hour battery life” limit Anyway, it’s still early, and all new features are just a stage where the laboratory talks to itself. Just get an understanding here. According to Jon Prosser on August 13 This year’s Apple Watch and iPad will be released directly on September 7 And will not be introduced through the event, if his prediction comes true This is also the first time in history that Apple Watch will not appear at the event We know that Apple introduced a series of subscription services last year Including Arcade, TV+,

including iCloud and Music that were available earlier Service revenue can increase year by year And according to Bloomberg’s report on August 13 Apple intends to launch a “subscription package” called Apple One in October That is to integrate a set of value-added subscriptions Although it is not stated clearly, it is definitely more cost-effective than separate subscription However,

this service must also be promoted first in the US market It has nothing to do with us. After all, many services are not supported by us. As early as March, MacRumors discovered a hidden fitness app in the leaked code of iOS 14 The app was named Seymour when it was discovered And separate from the existing Activity It was speculated that the app would be announced with watchOS through WWDC,

but it failed. But also on August 13, Bloomberg catered to this view They said the app will be launched with Apple One It is said that the service will provide users with fitness instruction courses in the form of videos through iPhone, iPad and Apple TV Although the home fitness application fitness on XBOX ended in failure But due to the particularity of this year, it contributed to the success of Switch Apple launched similar applications at this point in time to catch up with the market hotspot But the problem is,

if this app needs Apple Watch How to use it on devices other than iPhone? At present, the only one that can work with Apple Watch deeply is the iPhone. As time is approaching the focus of the autumn update The supply of several major products must have been in order No matter how difficult the industry chain is to reveal any information As for other “accessories”, such as AirPower, AirPods and AirTags the heavyweight revelations are still very limited But as the fall approaches, if Apple has plans to update I think there will be more clues in the future Okay,

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