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Tecno Camon 16 Premier: First Impression Review

Tecno Camon 16 Premier: First Impression Review

I am sure you are wondering why Tecno Mobile has launched 2 Camon devices, 2 different Camon devices, in the space of 1 year. Well I don’t have the answer to that question but I do have with me the Camon 16 premier and yes it is actually an upgrade from the Camon 15 For example, the design has been revamped, it is still plastic, and it gives off this Huawei vibe, especially with that squared camera at the back.

Now specs-wise, there are a lot of upgrades, for example, we now have a 90hz refresh rate, the first of its kind on any Tecno device, and yeah, the fingerprint has all been placed by the side, and it’s quite fast. Another upgrade is with the selfie camera and it does actually comes with two modes, the regular selfie mode, and the wide-angled selfie mode. And yes, so a couple of nice upgrades but here is the thing, the specs on the Camon 16 Premier is actually similar to that of the Zero 8. Coincidence or strategic? I am thinking strategic, right? But during my time using the Camon 16 premier I did notice a couple of differences between these two devices which I will delve into later in this video.

Moving on to the unboxing and we have the regular suspects, However if you are getting the Camon 16 premier during the pre-order period you actually get a new accessory from Tecno, so Tecno mobile has officially launched their version of the AirPod along with the Tecno Camon 16 premier and yes this is it, it actually opens up nicely, and I got the black version. I don’t know if there are other colors, but this is the black version. Now, moving on to to the device itself, I did notice a couple of features and issues with this guy and I will be starting off with the features and the first feature that I like is the charging speed.

So, I was able to charge it from 0-72% in about 30 mins, crazy, like I didn’t expect it from Tecno, and for those wondering, I was able to charge from 0-100% in about 1 hr 10mins. So yeah, the charging speed of this guy is really amazing, I don’t know how it’s going to affect the battery, if it’s going to affect the battery negatively, erm that is still left to be seen.

But for now, I am all up about that speed, But yeah, the second thing that I love about this guy has to do with the refresh rate, so like I said this is the first time Tecno is using a dynamic refresh rate on their devices, and guys the difference is actually there and when you pair that with the processor everything is actually smooth, I didn’t think there was any noticeable lag especially when I am playing a game or two while using the Camon 16 premier like it really smooth and as far as how it translates into the benchmark score it did well now to give it a little bit of perspective I paired it with the Mi Note 10 which is also an excellent device and the Camon 16 premier actually had an edge.

Now guys bear in mind that the Mi Note 10 actually comes with 6 GBS of ram, so it is quite expected right. Now the third thing I like about this guy is with the camera setup, so yes we have four cameras set up at the back along with the 5 LED flash but when you open up the camera app you’d see that a lot has changed, now one major change has to do with the video mode, now guys we can now shoot in 4k 30FPS per second finally, like a long time coming, but yes it is finally here we can shoot in 4k 30FPS per seconds on a Tecno device and yeah there are also different video modes.

For example, we can shoot 1080 60 FPS per second when you slow it down it gives you that buttery smooth slow-mo and asides from that one feature that I feel is quite cool with the Camon 16 premier is the portrait mode in video mode, right so you know normally you get the portrait mode for pictures. I mean this is everywhere but most phone manufacturers don’t include these features when you are using videos.

Now for the Samsung devices you have that, it is actually called live focus mode right so if you are using a live focus mode in video mode you can actually make the character stand out and the background blurry and the Tecno mobile has actually implemented this on the Camon 16 premier, yes is not perfect, I feel like it still needs a lot work the edges can look a little bit blurry and all that but it is still great to have none the less. And Tecno Mobile has also included a super steady mode and it makes the video smooth but I did notice that it has a bit of lag to it but like I said it is still great to have none the less. Now here is a bit comparison between the Camon 15 and the Camon 16 premier but moving on to another feature that has been included into the camera setup.

So, for the first time ever we are getting three different slow modes. Now here is my thought in the well lit environment you might like the result but in low light, it might not be so great, right? But here is one thing that I really like, and that is the fact that you can also use the slow-motion mode for the front camera so imagine if you have maybe a long a hair unfortunately I don’t and you try to flip your hair or whip your hair back and forth, yeah it works, it is really cool I like it, I like it. Like I said, unfortunately, I don’t have long hair so you can’t really see the effect but I think its great to see that they have integrated it with the front camera because most of the time we are used to seeing it at the back camera.

Moving on to the third feature, and that has to do with the AR doodle guys, this is also on the Zero 8 for those who are wondering, but here is one thing I like about the Tecno’s gravity, now to give you a bit of, you know, perspective into this, the first device that I have used this feature on is actually the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, so it called the AR Doodle and it allows you scribble object into your environment and even allows you interact with it, now here is one cool thing that I feel Tecno has added to make this thing slightly different from what I have seen in the past, and that has to do with the 3D model, so if you, you know, place your camera on a flat surface you get a 3D model and you have access to different objects that you can use, I really do like it.

There is a chance that after two weeks, I probably might not use this app at all but for now, I like it. Now, moving on from that one last thing that I noticed that is slightly different from what we got on the 15 is the fact that Tecno mobile has integrated a photo compressor, and yeah, I mean at the end of the day, it is cool to have, but some people might not want to have it which brings me to the first issue that I noticed on the Camon 16 premier and that has to do with the UI, and guys I think have mentioned it a couple of times, I feel that Tecno mobile needs to adopt a clean UI, like enough of all these ads and pop-ups which is what the Camon 15 premier has, I think it borrowed it from the Camon 15 and other predecessors because guys it actually comes with a lot of ads comes with a lot of notification pop-ups that you might not even be interested in, not you might, you will not be interested in of course you can disable this why enable it in the first place, yeah Now the second issue that I noticed with the Camon 16 premier has to do with the audio or the sound.

Now it comes with a downward-firing speaker, it is a mono speaker, and yes of course when you are playing a game it means that it might be muffled a bit. But one thing that I noticed is that the sound is not as great as the one on the Camon 15 premier, so guys listen to it let me know what you think. Now the last issue I noticed during my short time with the device is the dynamic range, I think it has a low dynamic range, but I am going to do like a full comparison where I compare it with other devices, so let me know if you want that, and if you do, I’d definitely drop it before the end of the week, fingers crossed.

So that is pretty much all there is with the features and issues that I have noticed during my short time with this device. By the way this cost about 115,800, so if you are coming from the Camon 12 and you are looking to get the new Camon device, then this is probably your best bet because it comes with a lot of bells and whistles, a lot of upgrades from the Camon 15, So that is it, let me know if there are any issues that are deal breakers for you I’d like to know and if there are any features that blew your mind away, kind of, I’d like to know in the comment

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