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Tecno Spark 6 Air (3gb RAM, 64gb Storage) Good Phone for Students

Tecno Spark 6 Air (3gb RAM, 64gb Storage) Good Phone for Students

Today I’m going to review about Tecno spark air 6 smartphone Tecno spark air 6 If you are amazon’s loyal fan or Flipkart’s loyal fan this phone is available in both the websites but wait listen here is a twist tecno spark air 6 which is in Flipkart that is 2 GB variant means there RAM is 2 gb the one in the amazon is a 3gb variant that is a developed version the cost of Flipkart version is 7,200 something and the amazon version costs 8400 so about the specification of the phone and why you should buy this phone I am going to explain it to you in two minutes

The amazon variant only one good point i already said is it has 3 gb ram so the phone function would be fast and the speed of the processor is not just decided by ram the android version of the phone also matters so the processor in this phone is helio 20 (but actually it’s 22) of MediaTek which is equal to android 10 so the phone will function as fast as an android 10 device and listen I am repeating this phone costs 8000 its costs exactly is 8400 at this very price range, you are getting an android ten type of processor

Tecno Spark 6 Air (3gb RAM, 64gb Storage) Good Phone for Students

and after that hd display of the phone this phone is not a short phone it is not six-inch phone it is 7-inch phone let me show you a demo this is 7-inch tab and this is a phone Samsung phone this phone is a six-inch phone so look at the difference so phone size is going to be big you people may be thinking how it will fit in the pocket all that listen the frame of this phone ignore the frame phone will be about the size of the display just a bit more than the normal phone and the display would be HD it won’t be as good as AMOLED

or high-end phones display but in eight thousand price range what can you explain even HD displays are good remember size is 7-inch next, let’s talk about battery life battery life ummm the phone runs 36 hours as battery is 6000 mah any phone i repeat any phone of other company won’t give you this type of phone in this price range Samsung gives 6000 mah battery it started giving 6000 mah battery but also it had to sell phones in 14k price range those M21 and M31 models ok and this Tecno spark company giving in a cheaper price so now due to lockdown

due coronavirus school and colleges are teaching through online classes I recommend the students who are watching this video to buy this Tecno spark phone if you are in a tight budget study with this phone as online functionality is good it’s a budget phone it’s cheap and effective now the bad thing about this phone this phone’s accesories like a charger or adapter the charger is not working I read in a review in the amazon website it said the charger is malfunctioning there is no bad comment about lagging or hang the second bad thing

about this phone you can’t return it if didn’t like its features you can replace it within seven days but cant return it even it’s not a branded (famous) company not that famous this tecno mobiles tecno mobile are not Chinese companies Tecno mobiles headquarters is situated in some African country this company tecno supplies mobiles to more than sixty countries it entered India in 2017

let me explain the brand value of this company the manchester city football club team is sponsored by this company so this is not a small-scale company so this is a trustworthy company and what I saw is in September and august a lot of mobiles were sold and the sale is still on so you can check the phone out in the final conclusion, I can say this is if you are a student and for online classes you don’t have a laptop

and don’t have a phone and are in a tight budget so go for this phone if there is an employee who just joined a company and he is saving money to buy a new phone so whatever you have saved till date if it is 8k than take this phone great phones will come in the future that time you can exchange this phone for now, this is the best deal in the market so that’s all thank you bye

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