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The next most wanted smartphone – Apple iPhone 12, 5.4 inch

The next most wanted smartphone – Apple iPhone 12, 5.4 inch

Hi, We already have an idea, based on the leaked information, analysts predictions, showcased dummies and concept designs, how many and which iPhone models will be part of Apple offerings for 2021, till its last quarter. With all the data that we gathered and based on some previous experiences, we can make a summary and even dare to conclude, which iPhones will be sold the most, right after intro.

Hi guys and welcome to Digital Markings channel. My name is Marko and this is your weekly fix of tech news, leaks, rumors and opinions. Everything about Apple and their competitors. If you’re fond of this type of content, please subscribe and don’t forget to hit notification bell so you don’t miss the next episode. What do we know so far – before we introduce new, potentially most sold iPhone, the champion for the upcoming year, let’s do a quick summary.

Well, we still have iPhone SE from this year and if the predictions are to be true we are going to have one more, it’s bigger cousin that will feature 5.5 inch display, most likely touch ID, even if there were some images, showcasing notch and even the Face ID, which in this particular case, doesn’t make a lot of sense. Both of these phones will remain powered by A13 chip and equipped with 3 gigs of RAM. Both iPhone SE variants will be for those who didn’t make the upgrades, the reasons they still prefer traditional home button with fingerprint scanner. The smaller iPhone se will still serve as a door opener for Android users to join Apple family.

Especially due to its amazing $399 price tag. The only mystery that remains about the iPhone se Plus, which we estimate will cost around $499 is – will it come with ultra wide sensor as a second camera or will it keep traditional telephoto as with previous iPhones of similar form factor. Personally, I would like to see ultra wide camera on this model but I’m kind of skeptical about it. Now, with more modern designs we know that for upcoming iPhone 12 models will come with Face ID, possibly smaller notch and OLED screens.

Well 2 designated the best Pro models will have higher quality display with more rich color range and possible 120 Hertz refresh rate. Which still requires some confirmation. All 4 iPhones will feature new A14 Bionic chip, 128 gigs of storage configuration option and hopefully a little bit smaller notch. which again is uncertain. Non-pro models or iphone 12 and iPhone 12 max will come with 4 gigs of ram, comparable to 6 gigs of Pro and Pro Max model. Pro iPhones will keep triple camera setup while a regular versions will come with two shooters – wide and Ultra Wide.

There were rumors about implementation of touch ID under the screen which I doubt it will happen this year. We’re still getting different claims about 64 megapixel sensor and Lidar sensor, that are on iphone 12 Pro and iPhone Pro Max. As before, non-pro variants will be made with aluminum frame, while those with Pro markings will be made of stainless steel. What really attracted a lot of attention recently were 3 showcased iPhone 12 dummies. This made some folks in tech community to claim we’re not gonna get 4 models.

Dummy appears with similarly sized notch – the one we already know and love. Do we? The size of notches is under the question mark. One of the most obvious physical differences between the iPhone 12 models will be their size, iPhone 12 will be the smallest with 5.4 inch display and the recent comparisons are showing that this version will be somewhere in between the current iPhone SE and the original iPhone 5 design, which is awesome! iPhone 12 max & iPhone 12 Pro will feature identical screen size, 6.1 inch.

While iPhone 12 Pro max will be the biggest iPhone yet, with a huge 6.7 inch display. It seems like the original leaks about pricing, that were revealed previously by front page tech – Jon Prosser – will be different, probably due to issues with BOE Oleds, which initially was intended for standard iPhone 12 editions. So, which one of these iPhone 12 models will be the most sold. If we do little analysis of what was the summary from previous two years, iPhone XR and iPhone 11 were by far, not only the most sold iPhones, but the most sold smartphones globally. This leads us to iPhone 12, 5.4 inch model but that’s not all.

What’s really attractive about it, is its size. Before the release of second version of iPhone SE, there were many concepts and even rumors claining this phone will not come with traditional design and touch ID, but with modern almost bezel less screen and face ID sensor, which made many folks inside and outside the world of tech, to look forward to its release. Well as we know, that did not happened. However, the upcoming iPhone 12 is exactly that. Even more, thanks to its OLED display and two cameras. Therefore, without a doubt, the basic, standard iPhone 12 will be the 2021 champion. What is troubling though, are the latest predictions about the lack of charger and earphones in the iPhone box.

Plus potential price increases to 700 or 750, could make things a little bit rough. Nevertheless, I don’t think that’s gonna impact a lot sales of this model. But still as many other iPhone fans and iPhone users, that really doesn’t make me happy. With all the stories about Apple being environmentally friendly. To be honest, this can have more impact on the sales of iPhone SE variants, because – since recently, those predictions also included SE models as well the iPhone SE Plus.

While it was an excellent option as I said specifically for those who haven’t considered iPhone before – you see, making customers to buy your entry-level smartphone for the first time, without charger or earphones included in the box can be considered a bummer. But let’s hope we’re not gonna get all six iPhone models with zero chargers and zero earphones. At least what they can do is to keep iPhone SE and SE plus with all the accessories included. So, what do you think? Which iPhone will be the most sold in the following year and will Apple really decide to sell all six iPhones without the charger and earphones inlcuded in the box? Please share in comments below. If you liked this video, hit the thumbs up and once again, don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you for watching Digital Marking channel. Talk to you soon. Have an excellent day! Bye!

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