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This OnePlus 8 Pro Camera Update Changes EVERYTHING!

This OnePlus 8 Pro Camera Update Changes EVERYTHING!

I was wrong about the oneplus 8 pro Ireally was you say to be completely transparent oneplus did say thesedevices a few weeks before launch and as I was playing around with them I wasn’treally impressed with the camera performance I felt that it was running abeta version of the software something just didn’t add up I mean especially fora $900 smartphone the photos looked abnormal as you can.

see it didn’tprocess my skin tones accurately the dynamic range was really really bad andit lacked contrast however it did manage to capture true-to-life colors nowoneplus did roll out a software update one week before lunch and they asked usto test these phones after that update but unfortunately on my sample I didn’tnotice a huge difference in the camera performance basically wasn’t that greatat all in fact.

if you caught my OnePlus 8 Pro hands-on video I compared to the 7Pro and the 7T and the results were again really really weird but fastforward a couple days later post lunch and I get a notification on the pro itsnew update and supposedly it’s set to improve system stability also fix a fewbucks here and there and then under the camera update it’s said that it wasgoing to improve the camera shooting experience and stability.

I installed itright away woke up the next morning realized thatit was a beautiful day outside and I decided to just go out for a walk nowmind you I am still under quarantine I live in an area where there’s not a lotof population so streets are empty and there’s not a lot of interesting thingsto shoot but I came back home started reviewing these photos I shot only a proand I just couldn’t believe it I couldn’t believe.

the results coming outof the smartphone it literally made the cameras on the 8 Pro go from worse to oneof the best that I’ve ever tested as you can see the dynamic range is excellentthere is great detail in every image that I took and that’s thanks to thatnew Sony imx6 98 sensor I’m really surprised at how oneplus managed todeliver true life colors with great white balance the ultra wide-anglecamera really surprised me well guys I mean it’s a 48 megapixel sensor sobasically they took.

the main sensor from the 7 Pro and jammed itinto the a pro and give it a wider field of view and the results just lookamazing you guys be the judge here and let me know what you think about thesephotos the telephoto lens produced amazing results I didn’t notice anycolor shift between the three sensors and while telephoto might not be one ofthose features that a lot of people might use I myself find it usefulespecially as a photographer I like playing around with different focallengths having that ultra wide wide and telephoto helps me experiment withdifferent compositions and getting those lines straight just it just satisfies myinner soul if that that makes any sense it probably probably didn’t but I justwanted it put.

it out there now one of the drawbacks of implementing a largersensor into a smartphone is the plane of focus is so thin so it’s difficult toget everything in focus I remember Marcus talking about thisissue in one of his videos you see by default on the oneplus 8 Pro the maincamera is a 48 megapixel sensor with an aperture of f17 that’s wide open for areally large sensor so when you’re shooting closer subjects the center isperfectly sharp but as soon as you examine the rest of the image you willstart to see it blur it out nothing really is in focus and if you reallythink about it it’s essentially portrait mode but in a more natural way withoutany software enhancements speaking of portrait mode yeah it’sstill not good.

I think Google and Apple are the only players getting that rightI wouldn’t even touch that option on the 8 pro the selfie camera has improved aswell there’s good detail color as well as good contrast low-light performanceis surprisingly really good – that new Sony sensor doesn’t give up on detailguys which is awesome and the dynamic range is still intactI even tried nightscape and the results were very much comparable to my pixelfor yes that is a keyboard on top of my washer and dryer.

I just got to improvisesomehow I mean hashtag quarantine life moving on to video quality I honestlycan’t complain guys I mean for a $900 smartphone this exactly meets thoseexpectations it shoots 4k up to 60 frames per second and you can use theultra wide-angle lens to shoot video as well HDR kicks in nicely to expose thehighlights these were all shot handheld and theylook like they were on a gimbal again this is all thanks to a is and OS Omnisensors so the results really do.

speak for themselves it’s just too bad thatoneplus wasn’t able to finalize Omni camera software before lunch becausethat would have made it a little bit more easier but I’m finally glad thatthey were able to address some of the issues I had with a pro when it launchedwhich was just this past week so that’s that’s all I have to say I mean it’sjust amazing to see a fascinating to.

see what software update can do to asmartphone camera it can either break it or make it even better so on that notethank you so much for watching also I am looking forward to that iPhone se tocomments down below I am aware that Apple just announced a $39 smartphoneit’s awesome to see them getting into the mid-range smartphone market yeahthat’s that’s all I got to say take it easy guys stay safe spend responsiblyand I’ll talk to you guys in the next one.

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