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This Smartphone has 7 Cameras! – Nokia 9 Durability Test

This Smartphone has 7 Cameras! – Nokia 9 Durability Test

You know what’s better than one camera? Seven cameras. The Nokia 9 PureView is a pretty crazy lookingsmartphone coming from a company that’s been making phones since before most of uswere even born. This 7-eyed alien monstrosity looking backpanel looks like something we’ll find during the Area 51 Raid. Huge thanks to ExpressVPN for sponsoring thisdurability test. Let’s get started.

[Intro] Inside the Nokia 9 box, we have an instructionbooklet, some headphones with the headphone jack that are pretty much worthless sincethis phone has no headphone jack. Oh look….there’s a dongle…still worthless. I’ll be honest, the main reason I boughtthis phone is because I want to see what it looks like from the inside, but I guess wecan check out the outside a bit first. Let’s start with the scratch test.

You probably know how this works at this point. I have some Mohs mineral picks that can tellwhat the screen from by how hard it is. Plastic scratches at a level 3, and glassscratches at a level 6. And sapphire, which we’ve seen implementedon a few phone displays, scratches at a level 8 or 9. The Nokia 9 PureView is scratching at a level6 with deeper grooves at a level 7, and is advertised as using Gorilla Glass 5.

The PureView branded lineup of Nokia phonesare known for their cameras. The front camera up here in the top bezelis a 20-megapixel beast that can record in 4K, and is protected under the same frontglass. It is situated right here next to the inlayedwiry cloth mesh. The mesh is secure though and won’t everbe falling out on its own. My tweezers can’t even pull it out. The build of the Nokia 9 seems pretty solid. The super glossy Midnight Blue back paneloozes over onto the almost glassy looking smooth aluminum sides.

And they are indeed made from metal. The volume rocker and power button are alsomade from metal. Up here we have some more aluminum and theSIM card tray…with no room for expandable memory. High unfortunate since this camera is capableof shooting in RAW – a really large detailed file size. So you would think that Nokia would want tomake adding additional storage easy, but they didn’t, and that’s a bummer.

The bottom of the phone has its singular loudspeaker. No headphone jack, and a USB-C charging port. Let’s talk about what makes this phone unique….it’sall these cameras. Don’t get too excited just yet though. They are all designed to do the exact samething at the exact same time – add detail. There are two 12 megapixel color cameras – themain one being in the center. And then there are three 12 megapixel monochromeblack and white cameras. So, when you take a picture, the Nokia 9 utilizesall 5 cameras at the same time to capture and merge the detail into a single shot. Kind of like combining 5 little sensors intoone larger sensor to get more light and detail.

There is no zoom or wide-angle lenses anywherethough, which I think is super unfortunate. There is a dual toned LED flash and a darkercircle on the right side that is a time-of-flight camera used for depth mapping and changingthe focus of your image after the fact. I mean, it’s definitely cool. Just personally, I think I would rather havea phone that can capture different perspectives. I like having a wide-angle and zoom insteadof just tons of lenses that only add detail. One good thing about the detail that the cameracaptured though is that it can be seen from the screen. The Nokia 9 PureView has a resolution higherthan most smartphones.

1440 x 2880 with 538 pixels per inch. This is 80 more pixels per inch than the iPhone10s. So not only does it take super detailed pictures,but you can also see that detail on the OLED screen…which lasted about 30 seconds underthe heat from my flame. Even though it did leave a little white burnmark on the display, it’s pretty minor and the screen mostly recovered. The Nokia 9, like most other modern flagships,is equipped with an under-screen fingerprint scanner.

Normally I don’t have any complaints aboutthat. But this time around, even though the scannerwas unscratched and undamaged, it required an unrealistic amount of pressure to get working. And after some level 7 deeper grooves, theNokia 9 continued its plea to go harder, which is different. To each their own, but for a fingerprint scanner,regardless of damage, it doesn’t seem to work all that well. Even if this was the coolest phone in theworld, it wouldn’t be worth very much if it wasn’t durable.

Nokia has never failed one of my durabilitytests. In fact, Nokia’s are some of the most durablephones I’ve ever tested. The first bend from the back gives us a fewcreaks and a subtle flex, but no damage yet. Flipping the phone over and bending againstarts to show the back panel lifting off every so slightly, compromising that ip67water resistance rating…even if just a tiny bit. But the important thing is that the glasson both sides of the phone is still intact, uncracked, and the phone is still alive.

This impressive Nokia 9 PureView smartphonewith 6 cameras on the back passes my durability test. It’s definitely a unique looking, eye-catchingphone. With so many cameras on the back, it’s kindof like a googly-eyed monster watching you. Speaking of people watching you, anytime you’reon public Wi-Fi, your information that you’re transmitting like passwords and credit cards,is visible.

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