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Top 5 Smartphones 2020 That Will Blow Your Mind

Top 5 Smartphones 2020 That Will Blow Your Mind

Hey everybody, welcome to trending now list!Today, we’re going to go over the top 5 smartphones that will blow your mind. Makesure to watch until number 1, because it’s one of the most amazing & trending technologiesI’ve ever seen and don’t forget to subscribe! Number 5. Galaxy Z Flip. Perhaps, the world’s best phone for nowto me.
A smartphone with a screen of glass that folds in a half. Will it break? I thinkthe flip feature is killing everybody to have it. Do you agree? It feels like Samsung doeseverything right with its new breakthrough flip phone, showing that this experimentaldesign has a right to exist in the long run.
Overall, Samsung has done a marvelous jobbringing great innovations to the Galaxy Z Flip, that is simple to understand, and surprisinglysuper easy to use for the market. I hope that the next flip phone will be better. Number 4. Project Ara. What if you can have a customized phone? Yes,it’s one of Google’s vision to make a customize-able smartphone, known as Project Ara.
This videoshows how Project Ara’s blocks can be easily unclipped from the phone’s base, which hasroom for six modules and switched to new blocks, like new camera lenses. In fact, the modularphone is claimed to have a longer lifetime than any smartphones since users can graduallyupdate and change the hardwares. The phone is designed with connectors, so that the hardwarechanges will still remain compatible with future generations of the phone. Number 3. Lumigon T3.
I bet you may not have heard of Lumigon before. It’s a Danish technology company that makesa premium smartphone with unique Scandinavian design. Looking at the press buttons on thephone, it is certainly different from other phones on the market. Instead of having straightedges,Lumigon has a curved top and bottom, and a screen that appears to blend into theframe surrounding it. Just make your day fun and creative with Lumigon T3. Number 2. Zenfone AR.This is one huge milestone for augmented reality.
The Zenfone AR doesn’t look quite intriguingfrom the design, especially compared to smartphones. However, this ZenFone AR from Asus, is theworld’s first 5.7-inch smartphone with Tango and Daydream features supported by Google.Tango is an exciting new augmented reality technology that changes the way you are interactingwith the world and expands your vision. Moreover, with Daydream, you can experience high-quality,and immersive virtual reality with your phone.
If you like my content, please hit the subscribebutton and like this video. And finally, our number 1 list. ZTE Hawkeye. This is ZTE Hawkeye, an insane phone withan eye-tracking feature. ZTE Hawkeye is the cleverly named eye-tracking phone, that showsthe Chinese smartphone manufacturer is willing to take on new concepts that no one else isthinking. This insane concept behind this surface-hugging Android Nougat smartphone,was crowd-designed through a online voting process in 2016 in Kickstarter.
It’s a phone that’s obviously thinking outside the box. Its eye-tracking capabilities allowyou to scroll hands-free while sticking the phone to a wall, a mirror, or the back ofthe airplane seat in front of you. Which is the best invention do you think?Let me know in comments. Subscribe and turn on notifications so youdon’t miss more videos of technologies, inventions, and much more! Check out thisplaylist of my top 5 & top 10 videos of Technologies & inventions, and I’ll see you in the nextvideo. Take care.

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