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Top iOS 14 Features for iPhone

Top iOS 14 Features for iPhone

“Music” Developer betas for iOS14 have been out forsometime, and now the 3rd public beta have also gone live. So should you instal iOS14 on your phone? If you don’t have a secondary iPhone oran iPad, I wouldn’t recommend you installing these betas on your primary devices.

As stable as betas have been this year, theyare still not the final version of the software and there are a lot of things that can gowrong. Now I know many of you are curious to lookat what the new version of iOS offers. So if you want to look at some of the majorchanges that iOS 14 bring along, keep on watching this video.

Hey guys I am Sagar from Tecworkz, and I havebeen using the developer beta of the iOS 14 on my iPhones so I can show you its new features. I know I am a bit late with this video, butI didn’t want to make a video straightaway outlining just the few changes and featuresthat Apple mentioned in their keynote.

I wanted to use these features for some timebefore I could show them to you guys, and see if I could find a few hidden ones if Idig deep. Now there are a ton of new features in iOS14 and I don’t think it is possible for me to go through all of them in 1 video. So in this one, we are going to look at someof its major game changing features which I feel are important, and we will also lookat some smaller changes which I don’t feel have been covered well enough by others. So let’s get started.

With this new version of iOS, Apple has broughton some big features, starting with Widgets. Apple is finally letting us add widgets tothe home screen on our iPhones. I am just as curious as you guys, that whydid it take them so long to do this. But I guess it’s better late than never. – All apps are still anchored to the top left,so you can’t just put widgets anywhere you want, or you can’t have empty spaces nextto the smaller widgets, but this still feels like a step in the right direction.

Other than the date and weather widget, Idon’t use too many of them even on my android phones either, so I am not too sure if I amgoing to use a lot of them on my iPhone. But it is still nice to have much more informationbeing displayed on the home screen. It saves us the extra step going within aparticular app, just to glance at a particular information. – Since I can stack multiple widgets on topof each other in iOS 14, I might end up using them more, without sacrificing a lot of spaceon my homepage. – Yes, you can stack widgets on top of eachother.

You can either use the smart stack widgetprovided by Apple, and it changes or displays the relevant widget depending on the timeof day or your location. Or you can stack a couple of widgets of yourchoice on top of each other and just swipe between them. You can also convert your custom widget intoa smart stack. Just long press on it, selecting edit stack,and then turn on the smart rotate option. Right now, widgets are only available forApple apps, but I am expecting 3rd party apps to bring in their widgets as well, which wouldbe more useful in my opinion. – On the right most page, you now get Applibrary, which contains all of you apps.

Since all the app that you have installedon your phone are here, you can go ahead and remove the ones that you don’t use too often,from your home screen to make it look a bit cleaner. When you need to use those app, just go tothe app library and open it from there. 1st folder in the App library are suggestedapps, then you have the recently used ones, and then all other apps are clubbed into variouscategories.

Now I haven’t organised my home screen yet,but this way, I can just have 1 home screen with a couple of widgets and some of my mostused apps. And all other apps could be hidden in theApp library, instead of just occupying multiple folders or pages. – One of the coolest feature that Apple hasadded in iOS 14 is the back tap. This is buried deep in the accessibility settings,but with this feature, you can assign various actions for when you tap on the back of thephone.

You can just tap the back of the phone twiceto maybe lock the phone, and tap 3 times to take a screen shot. There are just a couple of examples, but thereis a whole list of actions that you can assign to these taps. It’s like having the functionality of extrabuttons on your phone that you can assign various tasks to, without actually havingthe physical buttons. I just wish the response was a bit fasterand I that Apple refines this a bit more in the next updates, coz now it takes a secondor so to actually take a screenshot or lock the phone after I tap the back, and it doesn’talways recognise the tap, so sometime I have to do it twice. Next up, there is Compact UI.

A part of this is new alert interface forincoming calls. – Up until iOS 13, if you get a call whileyou are doing something on your phone, it takes up the whole screen and becomes a bigdistraction. But starring with iOS 14, we finally get smallerbanner like notifications for incoming calls. This is no more a distraction, and you cantake or cut the call with these buttons, or just swipe it up, and get back to what youwere doing. You can tap on the banner to make it fullscreen if you want. I like that we get a much smaller non intrusivenotification for the incoming call, but I am not sure I like that it is displayed atthe top of the screen.

Now this is the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and dueto the huge display, I have to extend my hand all the way to the top to take or reject thecall. If the incoming call happens to be a FaceTimevideo call, you can take the call, swipe up, and continue looking at other things on thescreen while the FaceTime call is now a floating picture in picture window, which you can movearound. Previously, if you swipe up or went to thehome screen while on a FaceTime call, the other person on the call just saw a blurredscreen or a message that video is on hold.

Now you can continue the video and multitaskat the same time. – To help you actually multitask better, Picturein Picture is also available while watching videos. If you are watching Apple TV videos, or anyother video in the safari browser in full screen, you can just swipe up, and the videoturns into a floating P-I-P window, which you can move around the screen as you aredoing some other work. You can change the size of this viewer, andeven move it off the screen completely, while the audio is still playing in the background. When I say you can move around this window,you can’t just place it anywhere on the screen.

You can just move it to any of the 4 corners,or to the top and bottom, depending on the size of the viewer. Now this is not yet supported by the YouTubeapp that is on your iPhone, so to play YouTube videos in PIP mode, open up youtube in safaribrowser, choose the video that you want to watch, hit the full screen button, and thenswipe up from the bottom to enter the Picture in Picture mode. Hopefully YouTube will update their app tosupport this by the time iOS 14 comes out in September or October. – Just like the incoming phone calls, Sirialso doesn’t take up the full screen anymore, and it also gets a new animation. Now when you bring up Siri, it is a smallanimation, which sits at the bottom of the screen, above whatever you were doing.

Although you can see what’s on your screenbehind Siri, you can’t interact with it. The information that Siri was giving you goesaway, the moment you tap on anything that’s behind the Siri interface. And for now, you can’t swipe up to see theprevious responses like we can do in previous versions of iOS. This is still Beta, and I am sure Apple isworking on ways to make Siri results appear in a better way. Another main feature is Sleep Mode. This is primarily for Apple watch, but youcan enable it on your iPhone as well.

Once enabled and when you put in your sleepschedule, it enables a simplified lock screen and turns on do not disturb mode, so you arenot distracted and your sleep is not interrupted by constant notifications. When you enable sleep mode, this is how yourlock screen looks. I stumbled on this while going through allthe apps, and I did not see anyone talk about it, so i included it in the video.

There are Some changes to the camera app- if you go into settings, and scroll down to the camera settings, there is now an optionto mirror the front facing camera. I can’t tell you how many guys ask me howto do this, every-time I post a video about iPhones camera. Now you know. – And right below that option there is theoption to disable the view outside the frame. I have been praying to get this option eversince I got the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. Before this option, whenever you open thecamera, the interface shows you the view outside of your frame, that you can capture with thewide lens.

I think it is incredibly distracting, andI am so happy that we finally have a way to turn it off. – Next, we now get a separate option to adjustthe exposure, within the camera app. -And the quick take video option is now availableon all iPhones running iOS 14. Previously, it was only available on 11 seriesiPhones and the new iPhone SE. – You can also change the video resolutionand frame rate right from within the camera app on older iPhones. This was also previously only available for11 series iPhones and the new iPhone SE. -While I was in the camera app, you mighthave noticed this green light at the top, this tells you when ever some app is accessingyour camera. And there is an orange light when some appis accessing your microphone.

You get notified of this even if the app isusing the camera or microphone in the background, so this is a neat little privacy feature. -The notes app gets a few new features. When you are taking notes, you can now addvarious lines and grids to your note like this. And if you are using the pen tools, just likeon the new iPadOS, you can draw an outline of a particular shape and hold for a secondfor it to be converted in perfect shapes which is cool. Now I don’t know how many of you use thepen tool in the Notes app on the iPhone, because it is really hard to write with your fingeron this screen. So do these changes to the notes app, meanwe will see Apple pencil support for next iPhones? Maybe, we will have to wait and see.

Next up, There is now an Emoji search barin the keyboard. You can now search for a particular emojiby typing on the keyboard, instead of swiping through so many pages. Look how easy it is to find for example acar emoji like this, rather than searching it like this. There are some other features like App clipswhere you don’t have to download the entire app to use a particular feature of it. The ability to finally change the defaultemail and browser apps. This is not available in the current beta,but it is coming to iOS 14 when its final build is released to all iPhone users. A stock translate app, which supports a handfulof languages right now. There is also an on device translate optionin the Safari browser.

Then there is a new interface for settingan alarm or setting time. While this might be faster, I am going tomiss the scroll dials, and specifically the haptic feedback that gave. In the app store, you get all the info likewho the developer is and the size of the app right below the download or update button. Earlier you had to scroll all the way to thebottom of the page to get this info. As I started making this video, I found outthere are so many other changes throughout the User Interface, including but not limitedto, some really cool features for the messages app like ability to pin 9 conversations tothe top.

There are also in line reply threads and mentionsin the messaging app. Some major speed improvements to the cameraapp, a few additions and customisations to the Home app. There are privacy enhancements where appshave to ask your permission for tracking. Apple Maps get a few enhancements and newfeatures like bike trails and EV routing in some countries. Some major redesigns to the Apple music app,and so much more. But it is hard to cover every singe of themin this video. Broadly speaking, the ones that we saw inthis video, were some of the major ones that you guys should know about.

If you guys want a more extensive list ofiOS 14 features, let me know in the comments, and maybe if we get enough comments, I willmake a list of top 100 iOS 14 features or something like that. There are so many new features, that it isgoing to be hard to keep a track of them and eventually most people will only end up usingjust a bunch of them.

But that doesn’t mean I am not happy aboutall the new changes and features in iOS 14. Some of my favourites are the stacked widgets,Back tap, and the small changes that are coming tot he camera app. Which one of these are your favourite newfeatures of the iOS 14? let me know in the comments. That is it for this video guys. Please hit the like button if you enjoyedthis video, and subscribe to the channel for more quality tech videos like this. You can also check out some of the other videosfrom this channel. This has been Sagar, and I will catch youguys in the next video. Take Care.

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