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Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha – OMG

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha – OMG

So just when people were saying smartphonesare getting boring, Xiaomi enters the chat with the Mi Mix Alpha which basically is alldisplay smartphone. Xiaomi is the one who kinda kickstarted thebezel-less trend with the original Mi Mix and now three years later, when everyone wasexpecting the successor to the Mi Mix 3 with some minor improvements, Xiaomi took a wholenew different direction and introduced a new concept which has a wrap around display witha screen to body ratio of 180.6% yeah, let that sink in for a second.

Honestly, for the past few days Xiaomi wasteasing this smartphone and I thought it was their foldable smartphone. But it isn’t. It’s a regular glass similar to the one wefind on devices like the Galaxy Note 10, iPhone 11 Pro, Huawei Mate 30 Pro etc, which usesflexible OLED to bend the display at the sides. Xiaomi is calling this a 4D surrounding curveddisplay.

Like I’ve said, it has a 181% screen to bodyratio, the rest 19% is occupied by small border up top and bottom and the rear cameras eatsome of that screen to body ratio real estate. Speaking of which, the phone has 108MP camera. As we have talked in the past, Samsung isthe supplier of this camera which uses tetra cell technology to take full 108MP imagesin daylight and 4 27MP images in low light and combine it to form one detailed image. There is a wide-angle and telephoto camerapresent as well.

As you can see, there’s only one set of camerason this phone. So if you want to take selfies or make videocalls then you’ve to flip the phone which shouldn’t be a problem because there’s a displayat the back as well. All in all, it looks identical to the Huawei’sfoldable smartphone the Mate X, but the difference is the Mi Mix Alpha isn’t a foldable smartphone. It still amazes me how fast the technologyis evolving.

I mean, I knew we would see smartphones thatwould look like this in the future but didn’t expect that would happen in 2019 itself. To be clear, this is still a concept whichmeans Xiaomi isn’t mass producing it like their other smartphones. They’re not even planning to sell this internationally,it’ll be limited to China and is priced at almost $3000. It’s the only trend that I don’t like aboutcurrent smartphone. Technology is getting better and improvingat a rapid rate but it comes with a price. But to be fair to Xiaomi, it’s a concept phone.

They have no plan of selling it, it’s aboutbragging rights I guess but if you’re crazy enough to spend $3000 for this phone thenXiaomi is ready to ship one for you in December, provided you live in China, and the last timeI checked, you don’t. So have to pay way more than $3000 and importit from China. Anyway, the biggest question you might haveright now is, why? Look I totally understand that it doesn’tprovide much of value other than the fact that it looks freaking cool.

Listen, Phones are getting ridiculously expensive,to the point that they are not just phones anymore but a status symbol as well. It reflects your personality if that makessense. When I’m buying a car, my top priority islooks and then comes the rest. Same for the phones as well. When I’m buying a budget or midrange phone,looks are not really that important, the specs and features are.

But when I’m getting a flagship, looks areone of the top priorities before making a purchase. And I’m sure there are millions out therewith a similar mindset as well. That’s why looks are important, and that’swhy this phone matters. Phone companies aren’t dumb that they arerunning in a race to increase the screen to body ratio because they know there’s a hugedemand for this.

And that’s the reason this phone exists andprobably more companies would follow suit and come with similar phones as well One more thing I need to mention is that accidentaltouches are not going to be a problem because they can just ignore the side areas with thehelp of software just like Huawei did with the Mate 30 Pro and Samsung does with theirflagships. With that being said, what do you think aboutthis phone, do let me know in the comments and I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

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