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Xiaomi’s Under Display Camera Smartphone Is IMPRESSIVE

Xiaomi’s Under Display Camera Smartphone Is IMPRESSIVE

We are pushing further toward a future wherethere are no bezels on our smartphones, no notch, no punch hole nothing, just a cleandisplay from top to bottom. The best solution for that is under-displaycamera technology and companies are racing to be the first to implement this tech ina mass-produced handset.

ZTE announced that they will be the firstto introduce a working smartphone with this technology on September 1. It will be the first commercial under-displaycamera phone you can buy but the problem is we don’t know whether or not the front cameraon this ZTE phone is able to produce good photos.

Xiaomi's Under Display Camera Smartphone Is IMPRESSIVE

Under display camera phones right now producephotos that are washed out in nature. So we don’t know whether or not the selfiestakes from this ZTE phone will be able to match the quality of a traditional camerasetup but what we do know is that Xiaomi’s under-display camera phone may very well takegood selfie photos.

Xiaomi announces today that they are goingto mass-produce the under-display camera phones starting next year. They even shared this video showcasing theunder-display camera tech they are working is technically the third generation althoughthe first and second versions it produced have yet to find their way into a mass-marketconsumer device. Xiaomi even said that the quality matchesthe imaging performance of conventional front cameras which is a bold statement.

They even shared this image on Weibo showcasingthe difference between their first and third generation of this camera technology. The one on the right looks really impressivewith proper colors and sharpness, Xiaomi explained they have made new pixel arrangement so thatenough light can pass through these pixels in order to minimize any glare.

If this image is any indication then theyhave done a pretty great job at it. This new Pixel arrangement also helped themto minimize the appearance of the front camera. The current implementations albeit in theprototype stage show that you can see the camera sensor in certain lightings or in certainbackgrounds.

But in Xiaomi’s phone, you can barely seeit which is impressive. Xiaomi is so confident that they said theywill mass-produce this as soon as next year which means at some point in 2021 you canown a phone with under-display camera tech. The ZTE one doesn’t count because they willprobably not launch it outside of China.

This could also mean Xiaomi could beat Samsungto this technology. The last time we heard Samsung may not includethis tech on the Galaxy S21 according to Ross young due to production difficulties.

The camera parts are costly and right nowhave low yield rates. So that could mean Samsung is sticking tothe punch hole camera system, although they have gotten smaller and is not as intrusiveas they were before but a clean display with absolutely no interruption improves the userexperience even more. Anyway, do let me know what do you think aboutthis down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out

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