20 Gym Mistakes Most People Make Every Day

20 Gym Mistakes Most People Make Every Day

Attention all gym-rats! Hey, even if it’s not your first time at thegym, you might still make some common exercise mistakes that can run from innocent-enoughmishaps, ones that’ll make all your effort go down the drain, to more dangerous blundersthat can seriously harm your body.

So check it out. 1. If you keep your elbows too close to eachother while doing chest presses, you shift the tension from your chest to the front ofyour shoulders and triceps. No wonder your chest doesn’t feel any differenteven after a long workout!

2. Avoid running on the treadmill while holdingonto the handrails: it’s not only ineffective, but it also messes up your posture! If you have problems with letting go of therails, it may mean that your speed is too high. Take it down a few notches and work your wayup at a safe pace!

3. It’s also a bad idea to go above the 8% inclineon the treadmill. Yes, it does make running harder, but at thesame time, it puts unnecessary strain on your ankles, back, and hips.

4. When doing cable tricep extensions, some peopledon’t lock their elbows. That’s why their lats get engaged, and theexercise ends up being not so effective for the triceps. Another mistake you should steer clear ofis keeping your body upright. This way, you don’t get a full range of motion! Try bending a bit forward – it’ll help targetyour biceps.

5. Using an exercise bike has some tricky pointsas well, and the main one is bad positioning. If the pedals are adjusted in the wrong way,it can cause thigh, knee, or hip strain. When the pedals are at their lowest points,your leg should be stretched and have a very slight bend in the knee. Improper handlebar placement can also giveyou lower back pain. Keep the handlebar a bit lower than the saddleso that your arms are extended when you’re holding onto it.

6. If you notice that your knee touches the groundevery time you do a lunge, something has definitely gone wrong. It’s ok if it happens once or twice, but otherwise,it’ll take all the tension off your legs, and all your effort will be wasted. In the worst case, you can hurt your knee!

7. Doing static stretching (that’s when you’reholding a challenging position for about 30 seconds) before a workout will get you nowhere. This exercise slows down your heart rate andreduces muscle soreness. Static stretching is perfect for AFTER theworkout. As for a pre-training warm-up, do some dynamicstretching, like forward lunges.

8. The worst things to do during pull-ups areswinging your body to try and gain momentum, letting your body flail around by not bracingyour legs and core, and limiting your range of motion. It happens when you don’t pull yourself highenough and don’t dip your body low enough. These mistakes make all your effort ineffective.

9. The most common mistake with skull-crushers,is doing skull-crushers – nah! It’s swinging the bar up behind the head. Your elbows and shoulders shouldn’t move,and the bar should stop right above your forehead, hence the name of the exercise. If you’re swinging your shoulders or spreadingyour elbows, it takes the work off the triceps, defeating the whole purpose. And don’t curve your back too much – itshould remain in its neutral position.

10. If you do some rowing, avoid putting all thepressure on your arms. It’ll result in too much stress put on yourupper body, which is likely to cause shoulder and back injuries. Keep in mind that more than half of your poweris supposed to come from pushing against the foot panel with your legs. The rest should be divided between your armsand core.

11. If you go too low while doing dips on parallelbars, you put too much pressure on your shoulders, and it can lead to muscle damage. Try not to go lower than when your upper armsare parallel to the ground. And lean a bit forward so that your chestis further out than your hips.

12. If you swing back too much while doing lateralpulldowns, you’re at risk of getting a back injury. Make sure you stand under the bar – thiswill make it almost impossible for you to swing. And don’t pull the bar too low – it turnsthe exercise into an ineffective waste of time. Instead, bring the bar down so that it touchesyour upper chest or just your chin. And one more thing: don’t keep your elbowstoo close to each other.

13. When you’re doing cable flyes, don’t bringyour arms too far back. It can lead to a shoulder injury. You also shouldn’t keep your elbows lockedwhile doing this exercise. Otherwise, you’ll put all the stress on yourelbows and almost none on your chest muscles.

14. It may sound ridiculous and kinda obvious,but some gym-goers seriously injure themselves when they jump off the treadmill while it’sstill in motion. Wait until it comes to a complete stop, andonly then step down on solid ground. Then you can fall over. By the way, have you ever witnessed any funnysituations at the gym? Share them in the comments below! But I’ve got more tips, so let’s keepit rolling!

15. One of the worst mistakes you can make whiledoing squats is caving your knees in. It robs the whole exercise of its effectivenessand doesn’t let you gain muscles. But what’s worse, it can lead to a bad kneeinjury. Try your best to keep your hips, ankles, andknees immobile, and make sure your legs are parallel to each other.

16. Lifting weights is the very exercise you shouldbe extremely careful with because if you do even the tiniest move incorrectly, you canhave big problems with your back. For example, too many gym-goers bend theirspines while doing bent-over barbell rows. During this exercise, you have to keep yourback flat and your shoulders moved a bit back and down.

17. Lunges are a perfect and simple way to trainyour glutes and quads. And still, a lot of beginners (and not onlythem) regularly let their front knee cave in or bend their upper body forward, shiftingtheir weight onto that forward foot. In the long run, such a technique can leadto a leg injury. The main thing about this exercise is holdingyour back straight and keeping your balance. Also, make sure your “lunging” step isn’ttoo small. If you put your feet too close together, they’llform a triangle, and what you need is a square.

18. At first sight, sit-ups seem like a simpleexercise. But doing them incorrectly can lead to seriousproblems with your back and neck. Never push your head forward with too muchstrength, especially with your hands. Try not to round your lower back. Do your best to go slowly, otherwise, you’relikely to just rock back and forth. If you make these mistakes once, they won’tdo too much harm. But repeating them regularly will cause permanentdamage.

19. Whatever exercise you do, avoid putting toomuch pressure on your shoulders. They can withstand a lot of stress and havea wide range of motion, but they’re not immune to strain and serious injuries.

20. And finally, never ever ignore an injury – that’sthe worst thing you can do to your body. I know how hard it can be to make yourselfskip a workout once you’ve established a training routine. But paying no attention to pain will landyou in an ocean of troubles.

You see, if you don’t treat your injury, you’llend up with the same problem again, but next time, it will be way more serious! Kudos to you for having the motivation anddiscipline to work out, but be safe out there! And if you learned something new today, thengive the video a like and share it with a friend! Here are some other videos I think you’llenjoy. Just click to the left or right, and stayon the Bright Side of life!

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