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Apple announces new MacBook Air with scissor

Apple announces new MacBook Air with scissor switch keyboard, $999 price point

Apple has announced a new MacBook Air with a Magic Keyboard and a new $999 price point for all customers, and a discounted $899 price for the education market.

The MacBook Air now replaces the butterfly keyboard with a Magic Keyboard similar to what Apple debuted in the 16-inch MacBook Pro. The internal specs have also been given a boost.

Apple has also doubled the base storage, so the MacBook Air now starts at 256 GB. You can spec the machine up to 2 TB. Exclusively for education, Apple is offering a 128 GB MacBook Air configuration that is priced at $799.

The new MacBook Air features the latest 10th-generation Intel CPUs, up to 1.2GHz quad core i7.

You can order the new MacBook Air starting today. Apple says the machine will be available in Apple retail stores starting next week, although of course most stores are shut due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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