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Can the OnePlus 8 be a better buy than the Nord?

Can the OnePlus 8 be a better buy than the Nord?

because i have definitely made a lot ofoneplus 8 jokes in my previous videos the universe clearly didn’t like it. andhence i ended up with a 9 phone i mean oneplus 8 joke. i meanoneplus 8 phone. what the…. hey everyone mukul here so as i have mentioned in my previousvideos that i was looking to buy a oneplus 8 proat that time and then the flash sale sucked and then the news of displayissues on the oneplus 8 pro sucked and then the idea dropped eventually.

soi contemplated a few phones after the oneplus 8 pro’s nauseating display issuenews and seeing even a few reviewers return it. i thought of going with theasus rog 3 phone but that was just too much phone for me.and i never game so yeah. but then i thought why not save a ton of money andgo for the nord itself i mean for my use it would be i don’t game at all. on the phone i mean.

i think on the pc too.for the past few years. what has become of my life?so i ordered the nord and it showed a delivery date which was 25 daysaway. so i was patiently waiting anyway. i mean what else can i do. it’s not like asif all my channel subscribers here arewaiting for mubot’s review of oneplus nord. that’s a self burn man.anyway i was almost completely convinced for the nord andas i was waiting patiently despite the fact that my backup phone wasbehaving so horrid that i actually made a video on it too.

but anyway when i saw the videos of mr phone and geeky ranjeet and when i sawthem compare the uh oneplus nord’s camera with the oneplus8 camera it actually proved how much better the image signalprocessing on the snapdragon 865 is as compared to the 765g which is onthe oneplus nord. so it was time for some seriousassessment. i immediately took my notebook out actually it was a notepadfile and listed the reasons why it would bebetter to invest in a oneplus 8 rather than thenord.

so let me quickly wrap up the reasons one by one as i don’t want thevideo to be extremely stretched and if it’s already stretched then i’msorry. so let’s begin with the build the oneplus 8 has a way better built.feels more flagshipy and has a solid grip in the hand.and if your hands are slippery then that’s not my mistake. also thesnapdragon 865 is miles ahead of the 765g in generalday-to-day processing too. i mean all the apps are going to load a bitfaster on the 865 yeah that’s a extremely convincingreason.

and not only that the gpu which is the adreno 650is again miles ahead of extremely old gen adreno 620 gpu which is on the 765 i don’t game at all but all these processors and gpus agethat actually matters a lot to me. and as mentioned earlier the ispis also far better on the oneplus 8. in low light that difference is superapparent on uh videos by other reviewers. the storage of8 is noticeably faster and the usbc transfers are also faster but yeahonly if you transfer a lot of files to your pc or laptop.

that usbc alone can help you connect your phone to a host of otherdevices too which support usb c 3.1 gen1 data transfersfor display etc and this is a crucial utility for those whounderstand it. of course. the primary sensor performs slightlybetter but the ultra-wide is even better than theultra-wide on the nord. the feature of stereo speakers is a huge asset for people likeme who consume a lot of media on theirphones while washing utensils. there is alsowi-fi six too if i ever upgrade my house wi-firouter to that i mean uh it’s there if i ever need itbetter than not having that utility and then neverthinking of ever upgrading my wi-fi speeds at home which are extremelycrucial for those videos to load i guess.

and yeahthis is how you actually get stuck in the life of tech upgrades and lose youralready puny wealth. the battery stats of oneplus 8has been coming out slightly better than nord tooon most of the reviews i’ve seen. and on papers 2 actually the oneplus8 packs more battery on it with the same resolution and hertzas the screen display. well some might say actually not some a lot of peoplewould say that the ultra wide selfie camera in the fronton the nord is a good asset and uh has a lot of use case scenariobut i personally would like the least amount of punch holesor drills or notches on my phone display and having only one kind of helps.

and there are actually numerous green tint pink tint yellow tint and whatnottint issues on the nord which we have been reading and iunderstand that amoled screens are actuallysupposed to have some sort of display disparities with between them.but so far for the oneplus 8 devices i have not read a singleuh user claim that they are having those issues on their oneplus 8 far it’s been issue free otherwise we would have heard some noises on that yeah there’s definitely that, no matter what anyone says or believes ini mean these are not budget phones in any way.

the very minute curve on theoneplus 8 helps feel this slightly larger screen feels as compactas any other phone in these dimensions the slide curve is aestheticallypleasing too and can actually never bother anyonetill it is just too much like how it is on oneplus 8 pro or the previous phonesfrom other companies so would you have paid 14000 rupeesmore which is approximately 140 us dollarsafter these factors and advantages over nord.well i definitely did as i did feel this investment would give me a longer andfor my money as the flagship processors generally last way longer when it comesto facing all the heavy apps updates we generally geton most of the social media apps we use these days.

i mean i’ve only seen themget more and more features on them and hardly strip off any and i woulddefinitely like my phone to behave snappy evenafter all these updates and android updates it’s supposed to get in thefuture and let’s say even after a year or more.yes oneplus phones are generally fast and all but this is the first one plusphone with the mid tier processor on it. and with a way oldgpu on it. so yeah no one can actually claim anything till we pass all thistime and contemplate and access the phone after ayear of usage or something like that the oneplus 8 will also have a betterresale value in the future as compared to nord.

as i know for the fact that when other companies like real memi poco etcetera would launch their snapdragon 765 g phonesthey will be priced drastically lower than the oneplus nord.but at this very moment i can say that oneplus hadpositioned its launch with nord so well that they are getting these insanenumber of sales and hence the phone is going to be out of stock out of strokeout of stock for at least a month or more. they knowexactly what is going on with the other subsidiary companies under bbksuch as vivo realme iqoo etc and when their phones with snapdragon765 g will launch and at what price they will come at.

imean the vivo x50 pro with that with that gimbal inside the camera sensor imean i don’t see that phone get this much ofattention and that’s mainly because of its price.also if you compare not pricing in other marketsit is seriously not as good as how much it is in india for examplein malaysia a 8 gb 128 gb model will cost you about32 000 rupees bringing it even closer to one plus 8 in terms of pricing there andi’m pretty sure there are a whole lot of countries like that toowhich are following this similar case.

so there’s that iwould be comparing the phone’s camera performance with the oneplus 8 proand i will share a 10 to 15 days review of it and how the camera performs too indetail. i might compare it with the poco x2 too as that phonedid so well against the oneplus 8 pro in the video i made, so this could be asurprising comparison too as always hit like and sub with the bellif the video helped you in any way. i tried my best here to jotdown the many anxious thoughts and calculation i had beforemaking this purchase hope you all are staying safe. that’s allfor today MuBot out.

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