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CES 2020: For those who like games, is it worth it?

CES 2020: For those who like games, is it worth it?

The CES 2020, world’s largest technology event , covers the various segments that depend, to some extent, technological advances continue to evolve – that is, almost everything, including video games.

You probably already know that CES’s focus is not necessarily on games. Artificial intelligence, robotics, televisions; games are just another topic among so many others that usually get even more prominence.

I confess that it took me a long time to find a stand focused, in fact, on video games. As CES is not open to the public, I no longer expected so many interactive activations, but I was still surprised at how little space is dedicated to games, which share half of the South Hall with virtual reality and augmented reality companies.

The first booth I saw aimed at this segment featured custom Nintendo Switch controls, as you can see in the video above. In addition to this, two others were also exhibiting similar products developed for the hybrid console. It struck me how some of these controls were so small, despite following the format of the Pro Controller. They were probably half the size of the original Pro Controller.

The Main Hall even had some products for players distributed among the stands of large companies. The most common were 8K televisions, which will end up becoming important for those who want to take advantage of the full potential of the new PlayStation and Xbox. However, what caught my attention the most was the already launched G8X ThinQ Dual Screen, from LG, which is a mobile phone accessory.

Available for $ 700 at Best Buy, this add-on can be attached to the cell phone and serves as a second screen. In this second screen, you can customize a control or choose one of the options that are already programmed in it. To understand how this technology works, just check out the video above.

Returning to the South Hall, some experiences in Virtual Reality stood out. The first one, which can be seen in the video above, is a chair in which the person sits wearing the Virtual Reality glasses. While immersed in that other reality, you follow a whole path that involves the chair turning even upside down. If you don’t get along with even a calmer RV, imagine this one.

Another noteworthy activation is a game that uses so-called Cybershoes so that the player needs to move his legs in order to move the character. Yes. Instead of just sitting down and using the controller to move the character, this technology makes you have to move your legs back and forth. Only in this way will the character walk and run.

As inconsistent or improbable as it may seem, my favorite space at CES 2020, an event whose essence is in innovation, ended up being the “fundão” of the South Hall, dedicated exclusively to retro games. Mainly, because of the arcade machines, available in both normal and miniature sizes.

Available at the My Arcade booth, a company dedicated to classic games, the small versions of the machines that so many of us started playing with or that many would like to have lived with for a while are fully functional and still serve as excellent decoration items.

The standard version of these small machines has only one game in memory – reinforcing the concept that the item is thought of more as a collectible than a platform in fact. Among the machines available at CES 2020, available for $ 24.99, were miniature versions of the arcades of Street Fighter, Pac-Man, Contra and many others.

In addition to the miniature arcades, My Arcade also brought portable consoles that run original Super Nintendo / Super Famicom and Mega Drive cartridges (there is a laptop for each console).

To close the retro combo, CES 2020 also had a large space in which there were themed pinball machines, ranging from Star Wars to Stranger Things.


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