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Expect to hear more about these PS5 games soon

PS5 games: all the games confirmed and expected on the PlayStation 5

PS5 games are almost here. Sure, you may not be able to play them yet, but with a confirmed release window for the next-gen PlayStation console – end of 2020 – and specifications for the PS5 starting to drop, it’s no surprise to see developers start announcing titles for the hardware. 

Among the games announced so far include Watch Dogs: Legion and Ubisoft’s Gods and Monsters, and we’re expecting the likes of Ghost of Tsushima and Cyberpunk 2077 to land on the next PlayStation too – though neither has been confirmed.

Until we get a games-focused reveal event (unlike the PS5 specs reveal that had nothing in the way of games), we can’t say exactly which games will be PS5 launch titles, but we now have a decent idea of which games will be coming to the system at some point

To that end, we’ve gathered together this handy guide to all the PS5 games that have been confirmed so far – and some that we expect to see.

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