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Facebook launches an interactive program of Corona

“Facebook” .. “Sky News Arabia” launches an interactive program on the developments of “Coron

“Sky News Arabia” announced, on Tuesday, the launch of a daily interactive interactive program on its screen hosting a group of guests to answer the inquiries of followers on the Facebook and Instagram platforms, and reviews scientific facts about the new Corona virus and its effects after its spread in all countries of the world .

The program comes, in partnership between “Sky News Arabia” and “Facebook”, through which it can direct followers to direct questions of experts and specialists who will be hosted by the program to talk about the implications of the Corona virus, and provide reliable and accurate answers.

The first episode of the program called “Corona … Question and Answer” was broadcast yesterday, and it is scheduled to be shown daily at 7:00 pm, Emirates time (three pm GMT).

“With the increase in misleading rumors and fake news circulating, Sky News Arabia felt the importance of providing accurate and reliable information about the emerging Corona virus, which is the most important and prominent topic on the scene today. We have entered into a strategic partnership with Facebook to use the giant communication technologies it owns by providing a daily, one-hour live show in which our followers ’questions and concerns are answered.

“Corona … Question and Answer” will be broadcast live on Facebook, and this is the second program for “Sky Arabia” on “Facebook”.

For his part, Mohamed Omar, Director of News in the Middle East and North Africa at Facebook said that, “With the increasing outbreak of the new Corona virus, we wanted on Facebook to ensure that everyone can access reliable and accurate information through our platforms. We work closely with our partners across the Middle East region, as part of our global efforts, to make sure that they use the power of our social platforms to connect with people, try to know their concerns, and share accurate information about Corona to help prevent the outbreak of this epidemic. ”

During the one-hour direct episodes, it will be broadcast through CrowdTangle Live Display, which will clarify the actions being carried out across the region and the world regarding the emerging Corona virus, and the platform will also allow experts to create a custom control panel that can be checked in CrowdTangle Live Display Hub to ensure The “Sky News Arabia” answers the largest number of questions that followers can post on “Instagram” platforms and “Facebook groups” named “Facebook COVID-19 Group”, in addition to the group related to the Sky News Arabia SK virus on “developments.” Corona »(SNACovid19).

A group entitled “The Hope Feed” has also been developed, which directly displays positive stories of people who have been infected with the new virus from around the world.


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