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Facebook launches “Level Up” platform for beginning streamers

Facebook launches “Level Up” platform for beginning streamers

Facebook announced on Wednesday (19) the launch in Brazil of the Level Up Program , which allows new content creators to generate revenue during live streams on the platform. The program is part of the Facebook Gaming initiative , launched last April, to offer support and technological infrastructure to influencers linked to the gaming area.

The revenue generation will take place through the Facebook Stars system , which allows the public to buy virtual stars to donate to their favorite streamers during the online broadcast. Fans can select the number of stars they would like to send and complete the purchase through their Facebook, App Store or Play Store accounts.

“Depending on the level of engagement of the fan while watching the video, Facebook itself will offer some stars to the fan, so that he can donate free of charge to the content creator”, explains Pedro Rodrigues, Facebook partnership manager for Gaming in EMEA and LATAM, in an interview with IGN Brasil .

In addition, creators associated with the program will also have access to tools offered by Facebook, such as premium transcoding (allowing 1080p / 60fps streaming), a custom streamer panel and support for troubleshooting and bug reports.

“We are working to build a gaming ecosystem on Facebook, where creators of all kinds can thrive,” explains Rodrigues. “Facebook already works in partnership with some of the most successful creators in Brazil and we are now opening the door for future creators. The Gaming can be a unique and different audience, but on our platform, the signals we have is that it is global and diverse and represents the Brazilian population in some way. “

Earlier this year, Brazil became the second country in the world to receive the Facebook Gaming Creator Pilot Program , an initiative focused on helping established gamers to create and engage their communities on the platform, such as PlayHard , Davy Jones and Malena , with some live streams reaching over 600,000 views, according to Facebook.

“We want to learn from the beginner community that is going to launch our platform,” says Rodrigues. “It is a long-term job, but I am sure that, as a global platform, we are already seeing good signs in other countries and Brazil should be very well represented at Level Up.”

Those interested in signing up should visit the Level Up page to check availability and additional information. Creators can also check if they are able to participate in the program on the project’s website .


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