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Google Images celebrates “Mother’s Day 2020”

Google Images celebrates “Mother’s Day 2020”

As is his custom on Mother’s Day every year, and on all important occasions, Google celebrates “on the occasion of Mother’s Day 2020 “, as the global search engine changed its main interface by posting a cartoon image on its main interface, likening the mother to sunflower .

Google celebrates Mother’s Day 2020

Mother’s Day, which is celebrated annually on March 21, coinciding with the beginning of the spring, and this is a date shared by Arab countries and a number of other countries, but some countries celebrate on other days, such as Norway, which celebrates Mother’s Day on February 2, while Argentina celebrates on October 3, South Africa on May 1, and the United States on May 2 .

Engine Google chose to celebrate Mother ‘s Day 2020 , tablet sunflower, to send a message that the mother likened the sunshine, which gives everyone the warmth and tenderness, it may be a signal to choose the logo link between the entry of the spring and the warmth between mother and holiday.

Google’s special celebration of Mother’s Day

It is worth noting here that Google this year did not publish a video through its logo on this occasion, because the world is busy with the Corona virus, and the global search engine published an educational video of how to wash hands and care for them, and Google’s celebration of last year’s Mother’s Day was a very special celebration, as it changed its destination Presidential, where the word Google has become a group of ducks forming among them the word Google, and the group of cartoon ducks is a big duck symbolizing the mother and the little ducks behind it symbolizing the children, and he expressed his celebration of his display of three animated cartoons, all of which indicate and indicate the role of the mother In life, and how the mother is a For the leader and teacher for her children .


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