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Google resumes Chrome updates Due to work from home

Google resumes Chrome updates Due to work from home

Google is preparing to restore some aspects of normalcy to the browser release strategy after pausing Chrome updates to adapt to the realities of home-based work of the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The company resumes Chrome and Chrome OS releases on a changing schedule, and security and other critical fixes will revert to stable releases of the week

Next, with Chrome 81 coming to the week of April 7.

Google is still out of Chrome 82, but Chrome 83 is now scheduled to arrive three weeks ahead of schedule, in mid-May, and will include all work from version 82.

The team is not yet ready to stick to a schedule for Chrome 84, instead it promises a future update on the release, and version 83 is moving to the Dev channel this week.

This is good news if you are concerned that Google may have to delay important fixes or let Chrome features fade, and it may take some time to resume a mysterious familiar schedule no matter how quickly Google resumes business as usual.

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