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How to install apps on your Huawei phone

How to install apps on your Huawei phone

The trick to getting loads of apps on your new Huawei phone is to add them during the setup process – the phone cloning process lets you bring over plenty of apps that you can’t otherwise install onto the phone. 

So, before you set up your new phone, download all the apps you’re going to want onto your old phone. Also on your old phone, download Huawei’s Phone Clone app.

Now start the setup process of your new phone, going through all the steps like Wi-Fi connection and fingerprint, until you get to the ‘Data import’ menu. You’re given the choice between Android or iPhone options, so just select whichever your old phone was.

Next, you’ll see a QR code, so you’ll need to jump onto your old phone and open the aforementioned Phone Clone app. In it, select ‘This is the old phone’, and from the next screen scan the QR code on your new phone. Both handsets will now take a little while to communicate.

Put your new phone down for a little bit, as this next step is done on your old phone. You’ll now be prompted to select what from your old phone you want to bring over to the new one, including photos, music and videos. One option on this list is apps, and if you press the arrow to the right, you’ll be shown a list of all the applications on your old phone.

On this list, all the grayed out apps are the ones you can’t install, which we’ll explore more in the next section. Press ‘select all’ to select every possible app, then continue with your new phone’s setup process as normal.

It’s worth pointing out that installing apps this way takes much more time than via the AppGallery – in fact, when we were setting up our new phone to test this, the apps alone took 45 minutes to install. That’s just the price you have to pay for getting these apps on your phone.

Now, when the setup process is done and you’re using your phone normally, you’ll find you’ve got all the apps that weren’t grayed out in the app menu.

It’s worth noting that if an app isn’t available on Huawei’s App Gallery (or one of the third-party alternative stores, which also have a lot less selection than the Play Store) then you won’t be able to get it after setting up the handset, so it’s best to immediately copy across every app and game you might need.

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