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Huawei competes with Siri Bassilia translates

Huawei competes with Siri Bassilia translates and reveals the weather conditions

There is no Google Assistant on the latest Huawei devices, including the P40 series, as the company has revealed its very own audio assistant named Celia.

She / it / it will understand the commands in English, French and Spanish and will behave as much as Siri did at launch, that is, some basic audio interactions with

Basic phone features, like weather updates, texts and phone calls.

It will also set reminders, interact with your calendar and even translate, and Huawei hopes its attempts will be better than Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant.

Huawei first mentioned Celia

Last year, it was launched as a global version of its Chinese-speaking voice assistant named Xiaoyi.

Like its predecessor, Celia will also be able to use the AI ​​lens for Huawei devices to detect objects and presumably access more information about the mentioned objects.

Celia will appear on Huawei devices through a later OTA update, when EMUI 10.1 officially launches alongside the P40 series phones on April 7.

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