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Instagram deletes the wrong information related

Instagram deletes the wrong information related to the emerging corona virus

With news, developments, and safety tips flowing around “Covid-19”, Instagram deletes the wrong information related to the emerging virus.

When the user clicks on the “hashtag” tag related to the “Covid-19” virus, the resources and content from the World Health Organization and the relevant health ministries appear, as this information is available at the top of the users’ pages.

This helps keep people in touch with reliable sources. Where the wrong content is sent to Instagram partners for verification.

Instagram also blocks and blocks Hashtags, which are used to spread false information, and also ban advertisements that exploit the situation.

Instagram is planning long-term solutions to help people search their information for the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19”. In the meantime, Instagram displays the accounts of the leading health institutions around the world on any search, in order to connect people with reliable sources.

Instagram will prevent the use of the effects associated with the “Covid-19” virus on the platform, unless it is established in cooperation with the known health authorities. Care for this comes as an Instagram effort to keep people connected to reliable health information.


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