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Instagram promotes social separation by browsing posts

Instagram promotes social separation by browsing posts with friends via video chat

The Instagram platform to share digital photos and videos online has launched a new feature that allows browsing posts with friends via video chat, within the platform application for mobile devices.

The platform said that the new feature called “Ku Watching” can be accessed by starting a video chat through the “Instagram Direct” chat tab and clicking on the image icon in the bottom left of the video chat screen, which allows to see the saved and loved and recommended posts together As a group.

The new feature comes in the framework of “Instagram” efforts to combat misinformation related to the emerging “Corona” virus, and to promote healthy behavior during the pandemic “Covid 19”.

New anti-misinformation measures include a new educational alert at the top of search results to link users to WHO resources; posters that promote accurate and verifiable information from health authorities (such as the ‘HomeKit’ poster to promote social divergence); and remove and modify more virus-related content Corona emerging from the “Explore” tab; rearranging the content in both “stories” and “Instagram feeds” that is inconsistent with third-party fact-checking.

And Instagram, before applying this new set of policies, had already started taking measures against misinformation related to the new Corona virus in the form of banning misleading ads for products that claim to offer treatments or prevent people from contracting the virus, as well as a temporary ban on ads Branded content that promotes medical supplies such as face masks and hand sanitizers

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