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Microsoft discovers two vulnerabilities in Windows .. Beware them

Microsoft discovers two vulnerabilities in Windows .. Beware them

Microsoft revealed that it found two security holes that have not yet been fixed in the Windows 10 operating system, as these vulnerabilities allow the hackers to install malicious software, especially ransomware viruses in remote infected devices, by setting a file specifically prepared for the process.

According to the American Engadget website, Microsoft says that the two vulnerabilities exist in the Adobe Type Manager Library, and can be exploited by using a document specially prepared for that, as it contains certain fonts from Adobe development because it is not handled properly while the document is opened and reviewed.
The Adobe Type Manager Library is a system file used to manage, run, and display fonts that were published by Adobe in the documents, while recent reports indicated that hackers used documents related to Corona virus to persuade users to open them and then steal their data.
Microsoft advised users not to open or download anonymous documents for whatever reason until the security update is sent, noting that Microsoft used to launch a security fix on the second Tuesday of every month, but it may sometimes issue urgent security corrections, in case of severe vulnerabilities Seriousness.
It is reported that Microsoft announced that it had temporarily suspended the release of major new versions of Edge, including version 81, due to the ongoing “global circumstances” surrounding the outbreak of the Coronavirus.
According to the Indian TOI website, launching new versions of the Edge browser or any other type of software update usually requires security reviews and compatibility tests to ensure that operating systems and internal web applications are not interrupted.
Given the emergence of the new Corona virus, it is likely that most system administrators are busy dealing with the security of home employees and caring for their families in these difficult times, and Microsoft said it does not want to put additional pressure on system administrators and other IT personnel by issuing Edge new version at this particular time.

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