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Microsoft raises the efficiency of remote work

Microsoft raises the efficiency of remote work with the Microsoft Teams platform

Microsoft recently unveiled new features and capabilities through its Microsoft Teams collaborative platform, as this step is part of the company’s efforts to empower organizations, business teams, and individuals, by providing them with the best tools to help them stay connected from anywhere while ensuring their productivity is maintained.

Microsoft Teams

In a more detailed context, the new features added to Teams will include several aspects, such as the “noise removal” feature during real time to reduce distraction; as well as the “hand raise” feature that allows users to send a visual signal to take permission to speak, thus helping to avoid interruptions during the meeting and the organization of the dialogue Simultaneously, Teams’ features extend seamlessly to the head-mounted RealWear Devices, enabling employees (the first interface) to access information and communicate with remote control experts without having to use hands.

Support in offline situations

In addition, Teams includes a “reservations app” that helps to facilitate the management and scheduling of default appointments. It also provides, among other features, “chat windows” solutions that allow the appearance of messages in several windows to help simplify workflow and navigation between conversations. In addition, Teams adds features ” Support in cases of offline or poor internet connection, “so that users can read chat messages and write responses even without internet connection, and thus will make it easier for them to manage things no matter where they are.

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