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OnePlus gets a new yet familiar looking logo, Google Camera

OnePlus gets a new yet familiar looking logo, Google Camera

By way of a new patent filing in China, it was discovered that OnePlus is preparing to launch a new logo for their company, one that will most likely be seen on their line of 2020 smartphones. Admittedly, though, the logo does not look much different, with the biggest change being to the font used for the numeral one.

For the last two months or so, the Google Camera app has been more or less broken for many owners of the Pixel 2. In the time since the issue appeared, the Google Camera app has been inundated with hundreds of 1-star reviews on the Play Store, dragging the app’s average rating down to a 3.7.

On the humorous side of news, an error on the Google Store inadvertently marked the flagship Pixel 4 as being “free.” As you would expect though, the pricing mistake did not carry through to the check out process.

On the Android side of things, we all know that the once-great brand Essential is no longer in business. This week, we got a peek behind the curtain to see what Essential had in progress before going under, courtesy of one of the company’s lead designers. Some of the products revealed include the PH-2, PH-3 and even the Essential GEM.

Google Camera isn’t the only app being review bombed this week, as the video meeting app Zoom is being given similar treatment on the Play Store. However, in Zoom’s case, the culprit seems to be students who are frustrated with needing to use Zoom to replace schooling during the coronavirus pandemic.

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