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Online payment limits the spread of Corona

Online payment limits the spread of Corona

The European Union Banking Agency informed payment companies yesterday, Wednesday, to facilitate customer payment without contact, to help reduce the risk of an emerging coronavirus.

After advice from the World Health Organization, the European Banking Authority EBA said, payment service companies can help reduce the spread of the virus by facilitating making offline payments, such as using cash.

Non-contact payments include maintaining a higher credit or debit card than a station

Pay, or use mobile apps like Google Pay or Apple Pay.

In France, which is subject to a ban due to the Coronavirus, Parisian bakeries are already urging customers to use non-contact payments, and to protect bus drivers, Paris authorities have also offered an option to pay for tickets by text message.

EBA said it would allow payment companies to be excused from so-called strong certification

For customers, which means more than one check on the customer’s identity to avoid fraud, up to a maximum of 50 euros.

The International Energy Agency said: “EBA encourages consumers and merchants to take the necessary health precautions when providing or using Point of Sale terminals to pay for goods in the store that require a personal identification number, including by looking at all available payment methods, such as remote calling or Remotely”.

World Payments Worldline told Reuters it had heard from some merchants that cash was no longer accepted and payments without contact were encouraged or were required.

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