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Pinterest presents the new Today tab on Corona

Pinterest presents the new Today tab on Corona

Pinterest has done a very good job fighting anti-disinformation on its platform, doing its best to hide anti-vaccine content, and providing customized search results related to corona virus.

Meanwhile, as more and more people take shelter in their homes, Pinterest has seen its users increasingly seek inspiration about things like recipes, children’s activities and self-care.

To get people to the topics they’re looking for faster, Pinterest today launches a new “Today” tab that you’ll see in the top navigation bar in iOS and Android apps.

The company wants to be a comprehensive resource for seeing popular pins as well as topics organized according to

The activity that Pinterest sees with its users.

Unsurprisingly, corona virus-related searches are still huge on Pinterest, so the company plans to include “expert” information from the WHO and CDC in front and center in the tab today.

Clicking on the “Corona Tips” expert group shows pins that include videos on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19, how to keep your food safe, appropriate hand-washing techniques, and when to use a face mask.

Scroll shows for the rest of the day’s summary

Topics such as art projects for young children, self-help topics such as “spreading some kindness”, and tutorials on acquiring new skills such as yoga, knitting and more.

Of course, it appears that the Today’s feed will of course be updated daily, which is not an endless list, there were about 10 topics when I checked it this morning, and at the bottom there is a message “Go tomorrow tomorrow for more inspiration.”

In many respects, it is similar to today’s stream in the Apple App Store, which likewise offers daily organized editorial topics without overwhelming people with content.

Pinterest has a banner at the top of its home page that directs people to a set of its resources about Corona as well as some paintings to inspire and de-stress.

The company also removes any misinformation it finds on COVID-19, and also makes it easier for users to report anything they find.


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