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Snapchat launches Here for You tool due to Corona

Snapchat launches Here for You tool due to Corona

Snapchat, the owner of the Snapchat youth app, decided to accelerate the launch of the new search tool Here For You. The new Snapchat tool is designed to highlight “safety resources” from mental health experts, when users search for topics such as anxiety or depression. And aims to Snapchat, by accelerating the launch of this tool, which it revealed last February, to help users who may feel anxious or stressed by the Corona virus, to be available to all users of Snapchat by next week.

In addition to the Here for You tool from mental health experts, Snapchat will provide users with content from the World Health Organization, the CDC, the Crisis Text Line, the NHS, and other partners who create content about associated anxiety, Specifically with corona virus.

And Snap Company had taken the same approach taken by many technology companies, as the company would start the remote work plan from home due to the outbreak of Corona virus in the United States, as Snap CEO Ivan Spiegel told his employees to work from home during the current period.

The company also decided to organize the conference, which was supposed to bring Snapchat developers, advertisers and content makers on the platform on April 2 next digitally, as this move comes in line with what the big technology companies in the world canceled their actual conferences and turned them to virtual via the Internet.


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