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Untitled Goose Game wins GDC’s Game of the Year

Untitled Goose Game wins GDC’s Game of the Year

Breakout waterfowl waggery simulator Untitled Goose Game has been crowned Game of the Year, while Control won three and Disco Elysium received two other category awards.

The console and computer game of sandwich stealing, hat heisting and quiet village mischief making, Untitled Goose Game, has been named Game of the Year at the 2020 Game Developers Choice Awards.

The annual awards ceremony is part of the Game Developers Conference which, this year, was postponed as a result of measures taken against the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Like its sister ceremony at the Independent Game Festival, the GDCAs went ahead courtesy of an online livestream.

With Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC title Untitled Goose Game taking top prize, boldly stylish action game Control (PS4 XBO PC) received category wins in Visual Art, Technology, and Audio, while atmospheric, amnesiac and unusually urbane detective mystery Disco Elysium (PC, PS4 XBO in 2020) won in Narrative and its studio took the Debut Game award.

Playful rule-changing word puzzle Baba Is You (PC NS) had won both Best Student Game and Excellence in Design at the 2018 IGF Awards and in 2020 graduated to Best Design at the GDCAs.

The inventive, surprising and very very silly What The Golf? (iOS PC, NS in 2020) won in Mobile after releasing through Apple Arcade, and another iOS title, Sky: Children Of The Light – soon to be seen on Android, Switch, and PS4 – won the Audience Award.

Official Star Wars spin-off Vader Immortal (Oculus VR systems) won the VR/AR Game category.

Career recognition went to game designer Roberta Williams, best known for the classic Kings Quest adventures, through the Pioneer Award.

Kate Edwards, executive director for the Global Game Jam creative event and ex-head of the Independent Game Developers Association, was recipient of the Ambassador Award.

Watch the combined 2020 IGF and GDC Awards at (GDCA section starts at 30m38s). – AFP Relaxnews

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