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Weather brings localized Corona updates

Weather brings localized Corona updates

Weather and its parent company, IBM, have collaborated to bring new Corona virus data, maps, and blueprints to your phone. They import data from sources such as the World Health Organization, including information from reliable local sources, so you can get a picture of how the virus has spread near you, All over the country and around the world.

Tracking the new Croona virus will be available in Weather Channel iOS and Android apps, at and in the online dashboard.

Offers include artificial intelligence “accident maps” that display statistics such as confirmed COVID-19 states by state and US province, and trend graphs that show prevalence by US state.

There are links to the latest news and videos from the Weather Channel team, and when possible, there are additional details including public health information, such as test center sites.

Weather may not be your first source of COVID-19 updates, but because it does convert piles of global data into maps and dashboards, it is well prepared to provide this type of data and analysis.

The tools run on the IBM public cloud and use IBM Watson to access and analyze data, IBM is already relying on Watson to warn users about flu outbreaks.

“We feel it is very important to provide the most reliable information currently available to help people stay up to date on how COVID-19 is coming, so you can know the reason for the social spacing in your community and why it is so important to care,” said Cameron Clayton, general manager of IBM Weather Corporation. With instructions from your area. “

This is not the only creative way in which applications help to publish reliable information, last week WhatsApp and WHO created an automatic chat program to provide the latest statistics and answer user questions.

The World Health Organization has joined TikTok to help correct the record, and Facebook is trying to link their Messenger developers with government institutions to create apps and robots that will share COVID-19 updates.

IBM and The Weather Channel have a unique advantage in their ability to share local and regional data, as well as national and global statistics.

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